Investment in Business Hotel with SPA and Photovoltaic Plant

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Bulgaria Bulgaria
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $5,040,000 / min. $5,040,000
  • ROI: 97% in 10 years
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity
Picture of a photovoltaic installation

Investment Opportunity

Green investment opportunity: Building a Hotel which uses green energy from a photovoltaic installation in Bulgaria. Total investment project duration will be 12 years.

The idea is to build a Green Hotel which uses green energy from a photovoltaic installation. The heating with infrared Lupus Technology will reduce the consumption of electricity. The refuse water will be processed by a wastewater treatment plant and the domestic waste will be treated by a co-generator which will supply more electricity and heating to the hotel.

The main activities of our company refer to wholesale of medical, pharmaceutical, and orthopaedic equipment (machinery, supplies, and medical devices for disabled people, import, service and other activities permitted by law). In 2003 we started an additional line of activity - sales of real estate. The company has tangible fixed assets, including land, building, and laboratory for hearing aids production.
Now we are looking to start a green hotel project, which will fully accommodate the special requirements of people with impairments. It will offer the following additional services:

• Business Centre
• Conference areas
• Special offers
• Parking
• Residence Insurance
• Transfers
• 24-hour room service
• Laundry service, dry-cleaning, shoe-shine service
• Concierge offer
• Shopping and Services
• Automated banking machine in the lobby
• SPA & Rehabilitation procedures

The Company disposes of fixed assets with ready notarial acts and regulatory documents allowing their usage for specific purposes, as follows:
• A building plot with Regulated Real Estate (RRE) - 3229 sq.m, is destined for construction of buildings with residential functions including public service functions. This plot will be used for the Four Stars Business-Centre with Hotel, Medical Center and S.P.A.
• A building plot with Regulated Real Estate - 4000 sq.m, with the purpose of construction of Photovoltaic Plant – 198 kWp.
• A building plot with Regulated Real Estate - 4001 sq.m, with the purpose of construction of Photovoltaic Plant – 198 kWp.

The total market price of the assets is: 610 500, 00 Euro
The real estate company owns all necessary building requirement plans, as well as a design visa.

The market for this kind of real estate enjoys high demand. Respectively, we expect great interest on the part of potential purchasers.

Project timeline:
Start of the investment project: 2013
Completion of the investment project: 2015
Start of the exploitation project: 01.01.2016

Competitive Advantage

The availability of a well-established company owing the project and a terrain for long term use give a strong start to the project. What is more, the hotel will be located in very attractive region of Bulgaria, in proximity to a very popular mineral balneological center. Thus we believe the hotel project will attract the interest of foreign customers and buyers.

The owner of the company is former manager of an English company involved in trading with real estate, registered in Bulgaria after 2006. We are aware of all the normative requirements for real estate purchases by foreign companies and individuals.

Opportunity for the investor

Silent investor participation is not permitted according to the Bulgarian legislation, therefore we suggest a joint stock company with shares of the two companies. Our share will be 10%.

Total investment project duration will be 12 years. There will be a 2-year grace period, which includes the design work, construction/ building, refurbishment and registration of the project, and signing long term contracts with tour operators. After payback of the investment our share will be 50%.

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