Build Sawdust Charcoal Briquette Production Plant in Cameroon.

Opportunity Snapshot

Modern briquettes Sawdust briquette production with the usage of modern briquetting technologies to be started in Cameroon.

Investment Opportunity

This business plan considers the fulfilment of the project on fuel sawdust briquette production with the usage of modern briquetting technologies in Cameroon.

The summary introduces the initiator of the project, describes the structure of the business plan, its budget and the initial investing sums.

The investment attractiveness of the project in united states dollars contains calculation of the expected net profit according to pessimistic and optimistic forecasts. There is also industrial attractiveness and payback of the project.

Production describes the technology of briquetting. Here are the technical characteristics and advantages of sawdust charcoal briquettes as an energy fuel source which are made of these raw materials. The equipment for fuelwood waste briquette production, its price and production capacity are presented.

Then there is the description of raw materials needed for fuel briquette production in Cameroon. The marketing plan of their sale is presented. The market for this production and its potential consumers are described. The demand and supply on the world market are analyzed. It is concluded that today the need for such fuel prevails over the existing sales offers.

The investing plan of the project contains the world prices on wood and charcoal briquettes, their cost prices and intended wholesale rates at which project parties will sell their products.

Competitive Advantage

The promoters have a yearly ten years of experience in the hardwood charcoal business and we understand the basic demands, rules and regulations of the biomass market. Our country is one of the top timber-producing countries worldwide with an enormous amount of timber waste been produced from the over one hundred sawmills around the country which gives us a competitive advantage to produce at a very low price compare to other suppliers especially in south-east Asia thereby given us a chance to play in the multi-billion dollar briquette charcoal market.

Rationale for the deal

There is always a high demand for sawdust charcoal briquettes worldwide which is value at almost two billion dollars as seen in the market research here

Use of financing

Potential investors will act at the same time as a buyer if necessary. The company needs about $1,000,000 to build a modern state of art sawdust charcoal plant made of metal steel. A one ton per hour production briquetting system from China will help the plant operates in two working shifts per day operating 8 house times 2 shifts daily. Ten Electric kilns (ovens) from Ukraine each producing 50 tonnes of charcoal monthly, and Four Caterpillars three-ton operating forklifts for doing factory work. Two Brand new Toyota Hilux for company operations. One industrial backup generator for constant power operation invade grid failure. Five thousand jute jumbo bags from China for raw material storage. Other costs include Raw material purchase, Power usage consumption bills, office installation, Annual Workers wages for 1-year operations, and other unknown costs.

Opportunity for the investor

The project is seeking to work with any type of investor be it a buyer of the product or a plain investor. For buyers who will be acting as an investor upfront, the project promoters intend to allocate a certain discount in product cost for the agreed period after which the buyer can eventually opt to become a full-time partner of the promoters. For plain investors, the promoters will like to allocate a certain percentage depending on the investment made. For both types of investors, it solely the decision of the investors to decide if they like to operate as active or inactive partners. More details during formal discussion.

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