I have 2 very cheerful & profitable projects to be invested in China

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I invented 2 projects. They have a huge market & numerous users in the world. They can improve people's life quality, bring happiness. I hope investors can invest them.

Subject: An investment opportunity. Looking for investors to invest my 2 very cheerful & profitable projects in China.

I spent 8 years to design and invent 2 very cheerful & profitable projects
in China. I am the inventor and owner of the 2 projects (2 new products). I will be an entrepreneur of my 2 projects, when I get investor's investnet fund. The 2 projects (2 new products) can greatly improve people's life quality, bring happiness and joys to the people. The 2 projects (2 new products) have a huge consumer market and numerous users in the world.

Project 1: Travel Table (or Handcart)
It is an outdoor travel leisure product. Most families and personals are its customers, when they outdoor travel by car.

Project 2: Meeting Table & Dining Table System
It is a multi-functional combination furnature (4 pieces/per set). It can be widely used in office, family, and various places.

The 2 new products are all folding, with clever technologys and strong use functions.

But, I have not money to start up the 2 projects, because in the past years, I spent my all money to do the invention of the 2 projects, even to borrow money from others to eat. Now, I finally have finished this hard and meaningful invention work. I hope under your help, can find some investors who are interested to invest my 2 projects. Our factories are located in China. Once I get the investor's investment fund, I will start up the 2 projects immediately. After we will have produced samples and formal products, we will sell these new products in the world, to make money and gain business profits in products sales.

The 2 projects's starting fund (invstment fund) can be $6-25 million USD, or more sum, such $30-50 million USD, if we have a good beginning and arrive at a bigger industrial manufacturing scale.

Note: I do not need a loan. I need a direct investment fund from an invesror. Besides, the investment fund is not backed to the investor when the investor invests my 2 projects. The investor will make money (business profit) from our products sales in bilateral cooperation period.

I have several flexible investment methods, the investors can select anyone of the methods. I will give some equity allocation to the investor, as his actual investment fund sum. I will supply a MOU (agreement) to the investor. Through bilateral cooperation, I and the investor will realize win-win in the future. The investor will get a much higher ROI (return of investment). Now, if it is possible, please you by free to introduce my this investment opportunity (my 2 projects) to your investors. If your investors are interested, please the investors supply their email addresses to me, so that I can send my emails to them, in which (my emails) they contain 2 business plans, 2 products effect drawings, financial tables (reports), and on on. Then, by emails, we (I and the incestors) can discuss things and exchange opinions for the 2 projects that to be invested.

Competitive Advantage

My 2 projects are my inventions. You cannot find the same products in the world.
So, in the first years that we produce these new products, no comperirion.

Rationale for the deal

Please see our business plans.For more information, please contact me on Merar.

Use of financing

Please see our business plans and other information.

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