Debt/Equity Investment in Farms, Salaga in Northern Ghana

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Ghana Ghana
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Years in operations: 2, Employees: 20
  • Investment size: $100,000 / min. $10,000
  • ROI: 4% in 3 years
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

We are a registered Private Limited Liability Agribusiness located at Salaga, East Gonja District in the Northern Region. We make the difference...


Our Mission is to contribute to food security in Ghana whiles providing employment to young people and remain profitable.


Our vision is making difference in agribusiness through sustainable business practices.


The following are the products/services:

1. Irrigated Crop Farming: Our aim is to venture into irrigation farming. These farms will consist of 5 acres of yam, 15 acres of vegetables and 75 acres of maize. With the irrigation we can cultivate crops all year round. We will set up an irrigation system based on rain water harvesting and a simple mechanized underground water reservoir. The use of water bodies and boreholes will also be explored.

2. Guinea fowl hatchery and Rearing of animals: Research reveals to us that most guinea fowl farmers travel all the way to Tamale to hatch their eggs. And on several occasions the young guinea fowls die due to the movement. We therefore intend to provide a facility for hatching and keeping the day olds for few days before transferring them to the farmers. We will also set up a guinea fowl farm for their meat and eggs. In addition to guinea fowls,we will invest in the rearing of local chicken, rabbit, sheep and goats.

3. Seed Production: We produce certified seeds of different varieties for farmers. This will also be an irrigated farm to enable us produce all year round. The seed unit will establish a Seed Hub for grains, tubers and vegetable seedlings.

4. Management of Out-Growers and Aggregation: we will have a group of out-growers for maize and soybeans totaling 25 in all. We will provide the necessary inputs such as seeds, chemicals, tractor services etc. The cost of these inputs will be paid at harvest time with farm produce and we will aggregate the rest of their products for packaging and marketing.

5. Warehousing and Storage: We seek to set up warehouses at vantage locations in the country (Northern and Volta Regions) to store grains. With the set-up of these warehouses, we will aggregate maize and rice from smallholder farmers, package them and market.

6. Vegetable Mall and Seeds Hub: We will establish a shopping mall mainly for vegetables. This mall will have assorted vegetables and anything vegetables. The same way we will have a hub for seeds and seedlings. The settings will be for both wholesale and retail transactions targeted to serve customers in the sub-region.


1. Smallholder farmers – They need certified seeds and hatchery services in the northern region

2. Shops, Restaurants and Hotels – They need fresh vegetables and animal products in the northern region

3. The government – The government needs certified seeds for Planting for food and jobs project

4. Our secondary market will be high and middle income earners in the northern region.


We provide high yielding, climate resilient certified seeds, extension services, market linkage and storage for smallholder farmers. We also grow and supply directly selected vegetables to shops, hotels and restaurants. We will establish one-stop-shop (shopping mall and Seeds Hub) where you can find anything vegetable (seeds, seedlings and vegetable itself). Customer satisfaction, timeliness and reliability is our hallmark.

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