Mining with Unique New Environmentally Safe Profitable Technologies

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The purpose of the Project is to raise USD 10M-50M for the development of mining business operations. The capital sought will allow to build own mining equipment.

We are team of experts specializing in developing environmentally safe and economically profitable mining technologies. We have developed and tested unique technologies without using of mercury and cyanide with limited water consumption or without water at all. Generally, our patented technologies are called "mining Kalashnikoff" due to their solidity and can find very wide application in every mining operation and every region.

Our workgroup has highly qualified professionals with extensive practical experience of mining works in different conditions: geologists, mining engineers, mining foremen, drilling supervisors, concentrating specialists and metallurgists. Our management team has more than 15 years of exploration and mining experience. Through our expertise we will be able to bring this start up to profitability within its first year of operations.

Tentatively, at the first stage the investor is financing the equipment manufacturing. Financing is carried out stage by stage according and under the exposed accounts for purchasing of materials for manufacturing of equipment and for the definite executed amount of work that will allow the investor or his representative to supervise the special-purpose designation. The manufactured equipment and purchased technics can be property of the investor. For practical realization of the project the investor is offered to lease the equipment and technics to the operating company. One of founders of the operating company with agreed shares of equity can be investor(s) in exchange for the capital sought. After the repayment the equipment and technics will be the property of the operating company and it would be given to the mining company for rent. This scheme allows in case of any problems with the mining company not to lose the equipment and technics and also to minimize taxes.
The scheme is also well entered for the further development of business assuming the cooperation with the other mining companies in other regions.

Such model will allow launching business successfully and getting a regular stream of income starting in the first year of operations.
We expect that the business will aggressively expand during all time of our operation activity. As the business becomes profitable it will make substantial reinvestments into the mining structure such as additional mining complexes of more capacity and refinery plants. Also, we may seek relationships in the global mining sector to distribute our mining technologies.

As an exit strategy the Investor(s) can sell his equity to another strategic investor or alternatively our team can buy it back. Another way is IPO.

The simple revenue model based on minimal results for mining complex of 150 ton/hour productivity (containing of gold in deposit - 1 gram/ton; extraction of gold - 98%):

Productivity per month:
Extracted gold daily (22 working hours): 4kg
Monthly gold mining (25 working days): 4kg х 25 = 100kg
Monthly gold mining (USD): 100kg х $50K/kg = USD5M

5 year proforma:
1st year (USD): (100kg x 7months) х $50K/kg = USD 35M
2nd year (2 mining complexes): (USD5M x 12) x 2 = USD 120M
3d year (5 mining complexes): (USD5 x 12) x 5 = USD 300M
4th year (8 complexes): (USD5 x 12) x 8 = USD 480M
5th year (12 complexes): (USD5 x 12) x 12 = USD 720M

Competitive Advantage

• No competitors, but co-operation only which is the best way to get success for all of such co-operations;
• Economically effective mining technologies and schemes + cleaning of environment

Use of financing

Use of current cash / Monthly income & expenses for the 1st year:

1-5 months:
USD 320 K - setup costs
USD 9,220 M - construction of mining equipment
USD 460 K - working capital
Total expenses: USD 10M
6-12 month:
USD 450K x 7months = USD 3,150M - expenses
USD 5M x 7months = USD 35M - income

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