Funding Needed to Make a Low Cost Hotel Near Beach in Goa, India

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Tourism, Recreation
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $1,000,000 / min. $1,000,000
  • ROI: 15% in 99 years
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

You will get 90% share in this beach side Ayurveda Hotel. I know some innovative ideas that will generate unimagined profit for you.

I have good experience of hotel and resort. With my hotel industry experience and expertise, I want to make a low cost Ayurveda eco resort with a swimming pool near unexplored/silent/virgin beach near Indian tourist hotspot Goa in western India. You should know that any type of permanent construction allowed 500 meter far from the beach. In India, leisure destinations have limited expenses and good GOPs.

Minimum angel investment required US $ one million(Rs. Six crore), maximum two million. You will get 90% share/equity in the project and I want 10% share in this project (including 10% land) for my hard work. I will construct wooden eco resort and I will generate good profit for you. You can buy one or two apartment in your country in $ two million where as I will make a beach side eco resort and for you in the same amount. I will never touch your money. I mean you should appoint a retired and trusted man or woman from your country to see account and construction work. Your parents, relatives or neighbours would be better. You can offer them 5% share in this eco resort project. All the land and property paper would be in your name (investor name) so it would be good security to act as a collateral/ Guarantee to the funding.
After completing this eco resort, slowly I will take more than 25 acre adjoining vacant land on lease on annual rent with land owners and I will make low cost wooden rooms (eco ayurveda village) for the tourists and you can get unimagined profit without buying expansive land.

FOR FOREIGN INVESTORS: - You should know that foreign investment allowed in hotel and resort in India by automatic route. You can also contact Indian embassy or consulate in your country to know more detail. You should enquire some questions from the Indian embassy or consulate in your country such as: - How to start investment process? How to get business visa and how to form a company and how to open bank account in India?

If you want to invest in ready to move (readymade, already built) old hotel and resort then you should be careful because hotel and resort owners are too clever and cunning. They will ask unbelievable/exorbitant/excessive price. I know ideas to handle these types of cunning and clever hotel and resort owners. It would be better to make a new hotel. It is a hard work but best option. You can save $ half million (Rs. Three crore). If you trust me then I will do all hard work for you. I will buy land and I will make hotel or resort for you using best quality construction materials under supervision of retired man appointed by you and I will obtain all the necessary approvals and sanctions from local authorities before buying land to avoid future problems.

IMPORTANT:- If you have financial problem and you are unable to invest so much money then you can convince some investor or businessmen to invest in this project and you will get 5% share/equity in this project.

You can contact me to know more detail and to know my introduction. Presently I am living in the land of Buddha Bihar, eastern India, near Patna city rural. I worked for five years in Goa. I have worked for more than six years in Bangalore City. I speak Hindi, English and Kannada. I will give you my passport, Aadhar and PAN copy. If you want you come to my native place and verify me by the local Police.
With regards,

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Use of financing

to construct hotel near beach in Goa, India.

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