Production of an Exclusive Animated LED Outdoor Аdvertising

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Investment Opportunity

Unique production of exclusive animate outdoor advertising, using own technological developments of manufacturing, based on LED technology.

All kinds of financing of the production are welcomed and will be considered. Already Installed product samples are more than 40, for clients in Khmelnitsky region, Ukraine.

I’d like to introduce to the investors a project - need to finance a production of an exclusive animated LED outdoor advertising.
1. Developed 10 unique manufacturing technologies for production, which reduce the production costs and improve the production quality. In the developments of the project are more than 30 technologies, including alternative energy sources.
2. Existing customers of interest, including world brands.
3. Production is ahead of similars for 5 years. For example the use of LED technology in outdoor advertising in the private sector began since 1996.
4. We have an organised, experienced core project team.
5. More than 500 product developments. More than 40 are ready for serial production.
6. In the experimental producing of products in order to explore the technology, the official turnover of the company with 2 directors and 3-employed workers using hand tools for 2007-2008 amounted to more than 300,000 Euros. The rate of the cost and products price was 1:5
3. Installed product samples for more than 40 clients.
4. The project is informally supported by EBRD, has the support of regional environmental services.
5. Product sales for the CIS and the EU is initially.
6. The project of production may not be linked geographically.
7. The margin average profitability of the project not less than 65%.

If you are interested investors, please contact us on Merar for more information.

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