Investment Required For Exciting Film Venture: British Company

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Investment into British Film Studio through first project. Guaranteed profit. We take the risk so Investor's don't need to!

British company seeking £2.6M GBP [Approximately $3.3M USD] to cover:

Film Production
Production Base Property
Specialist Production Vehicle

24 month Investment. Assets currently almost £2M GBP. Once adding Production Base Property & Production Vehicle to the collateral, it will cover 100%+ of your Investment including Profit!

ROI 50% Minimum. If need be, we will allocate Investors 100% of net profits until they are in profit before a 50-50 split with ourselves there after as we want to make money towards our next projects.

Project Producer has worked on:

Fantastic Beasts & Where to find them, Charlie Noades R.I.P, The 51st State,
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Angry Boys, Wentworth Prison, Winners & Losers, Underbelly, Rogue etc...

Investor can be given board/director position in the company should they so wish. Limited time for this as Producer has other Projects abroad wanting him.

Competitive Advantage

All Projects are unique to us and have had minimum of 3 years development into them. 3 Projects have had offers from Hollywood Studios for including this first one we're looking to make. Politely declined - we've done the hard work, so we're going to find the Investment and reap the rewards with our Investors.

Rationale for the deal

We take the risk by putting up our entire slate as collateral. No matter who you are, be it in Hollywood or not, there is no such thing as a guaranteed hit. The only way we can guarantee Investors profit is by putting up our slate of projects, production base property & production vehicle.

Use of financing

Working Capital for Feature Film
Marketing/UK Theatrical Distribution Costs
Purchase Production Base Property
Purchase & Customize Specialist Production Vehicle

Opportunity for the investor

Whether you've invested in film before or not, you won't find another opportunity like this. Film is regarded as a "great risk for a great reward" - worst case scenario for Investors on our deal, is you make a "risk free" 50% profit.

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