Looking for Development Film Finance for Current Projects SEIS & EIS

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

A independent film production company requiring investment for development finance.

We are offering 1% equity in the company which is SEIS & EIS advanced approved.

We are seeking £30,000 short term investment in exchange for 1% of the company.

Agreement will be that the company will buy back the 1% for £50,000 after completion of development and securing our projects budget where you will be the first in the recoupment waterfall, payable on first day of principal photography.

Companies House Registered Company details, SEIS & EIS advance approval documents, project details (budget sheet), artwork etc. are all available.

Alternatively, the Investor can keep the 1% in the company to take advantage of the tax relief schemes of SEIS & EIS and profit from the film itself.

Competitive Advantage

Direct deal with our company with the buy back being on the commencement of principal photography.

Rationale for the deal

Requirement to conclude a smaller equity deal closer to home in order to secure larger budget investment after development.

Use of financing

Project development, including but not limited to:

Location securing
Hiring of above the line crew
Investor and distributor meetings

Opportunity for the investor

Investment: £30,000
ROI: £50,000

Investor can choose 1 of 2 options. Retain the 1% share of the company to profit from the film itself (also taking advantage of SEIS & EIS) or sell back the stake upon commencement of principal photography.

Chances to visit the film set etc.

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