Investment in company 150% ROI + up to 50% profit for up to 10 years

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This is an opportunity to invest in an audiovisual company . You will earn 150% ROI + up to 50% profit for up to 10 years

We are seeking investment to produce vfx-intensive films. Production won't be affected by covid-19 lockdown, as the majority of the film will be computer generated and photography will be in strategic locations.

Competitive Advantage

Back door channels already in place for strategic partnerships with the principal gatekeepers, controlling the film industry worldwide.

In the art of business, if you know only the risk and not your competitors, for every competition, there will be loss. If you subdue your competitors without fighting them, there will be profit.

Rationale for the deal

Break Even Before Release: i.e. the financing plan will make sure that the films make profit before they are sold to buyers.

Use of financing

The details are in the attachments.

Opportunity for the investor

You can earn up to 50% ROI, depending on amount invested.

Download the attachments to find out more.

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