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Alluvial Gold Mining in Zimbabwe is Looking for Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This investment project is for alluvial mining (gold). The investment project basically involves extracting alluvial gold from soils and sands, which must still be processed (milled) to extract more gold. Some machinery is in place but more bigger and professional equipment needed.

The mining venture is on land with high gold reserves of +/- 500000 ounces of gold. The kind of investor / investors required are hands on with knowledge of extracting gold first from these soils (alluvial) and then to mill the rock ores and then proceed to do open cast and underground mining and also extract gold from the mine dump.

I am looking for a strategic partner who will use their resources and more importantly knowledge to develop this venture into the big business that it is . Unless otherwise, the investor / investors must be willing to actually take charge of the project.

All funds dedicated for the project don’t need to be channelled via me and all business structures will be set up via our agreements, so the business needs a practical investor to lead from the front and make the millions for us both. I am a black Zimbabwean and will ensure compliance with local regulations. Agreements can also be signed in any country and will be legally binding.

All I want is to be partnered by the right people and expand. Lets talk . so much is said about Zimbabwe but business is business and the country badly needs foreign $s and expertise. Your partnership with me will give you no problems and results are 100% guarantees. We are using the US$ as the legal tender. The Rand is also in circulation.

Interested investors in this project can contact me on the Merar Network.

Competitive Advantage

Gold is selling for +/- $1600 per ounce and is marketable anywhere in the world. the first part of the project is much simpler ( i.e. extracting alluvial gold from soils and sands ) and should give handsome returns to encourage undertaking the rest of the project . With the right ideas and equipment, it will be possible to get KGS of gold every week / month.

Rationale for the deal

I am looking for an investment partner who will make us both realise a profit much quicker and also do justice to such a big venture. I don't want to keep scratching the surface, leaving most of the gold under the topsoil.

Use of financing

The money needed is for machinery, chemicals and most of it will be used as seen fit by the investor / investors or those appointed to run the project as maturely agreed.


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