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Secure Virtual Data Rooms

We specialize in one thing: Providing solutions for the secure sharing of information.

Deal Room

Our data rooms are available for customer online sign-up, provisioning and management, with information fully controlled by your organization. We have solutions for single projects and transactions or for permanent, multiple, full corporate use.


With Merar Deal Room you manage and control the access to documents by setting user authorizations, tiered levels of access and corresponding action permissions on a group or individual basis.


All common file types are converted into protected file formats, 256-Bit SSL file encryption, with permanent anti-virus protection. Each document has unique user and time-stamp watermarks integrated into the DNA of the document.


Compliance, Project and Transaction leaders can track all user activity through a dashboard that shows log-ins, file views, actions and downloads; available on-screen and in a downloadable report.


Use with your own corporate identity or transaction identity by the means of custom branding, logos and watermarks on all downloadable documents.

Q&A Section

Our Q&A support allows communication with users to ensure understanding and comprehensiveness of information by exchanging questions and answers regarding documents, processes and requirements.


Data room access is available at any time and any place conveniently through mobile phones and tablets.

Deal Room Managed Services

Our managed services ensure that the set up and management of your virtual data rooms runs smoothly and successfully. We can create and structure data rooms for you, manage access rights and deal with all process administration. Subject to location, we can also provide physical document collection and scanning.

Document Collection and Liaison

We deal with all of the administration and liaison involved in setting up a data room. We liaise with internal company structures to collect all relevant documents and provide on-site support with the organization of paper records.

Document Storage and Processing

We help you set up structured physical data rooms on or off site, where your documentation will be securely stored and scanned. Our scanning teams use professional portable scanning devices that can process up to 100 pages per minute.

Data Structuring

We organize, classify, review, structure and set-up all electronic documents in an initial virtual data room and prepare a first contents report for your sign-off. Once confirmed, we place your virtual data room in a live environment.

User Set-up

We prepare all user permissions and access rights, and provide 24 hour access support to users so that the data room can be accessed all over the world at any time. Our audit logs provide real time oversight of user activity.

Administration and coordination

We provide full administrative support to facilitate the smooth operation of a data room including coordination of user questions and answers on documents, data room updates, as well as assistance for business presentations and site visits.

Litigation Support and Back-up

Merar Deal Room can securely store electronic copies of data rooms for up to 7 years to allow for post-event review, and provide legal reports on disclosure and access from audit logs in the event of litigation or arbitration between transaction parties.

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To request more information about our Services and pricing, please fill in the form. Kindly let us know how we can contact you and whether you'd be interested in our managed services in addition to the virtual data room solution.

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Cloud-based virtual data room solution. Strong authentication and data encryption. Customization and integrated Q&A. 24x7 helpdesk.

Full-fledged data room management. Virtual data room set-up and access rights setting. On-demand physical document collection, storage and scanning. Optional administration and coordination services.