Merar Meeting Place

What is Merar Meeting Place and how does it work?

Merar Meeting Place is a global, emerging market investment platform for entrepreneurs and companies to raise finance, find investors, and secure business partners. Merar Meeting Place makes investment information relevant by presenting a structured teaser and financial information, allowing for confidential and secure communication between interested parties, and allowing companies looking for finance to present confidential information, company presentations and even videos confidentially and securely.

What kinds of institutions use Merar Meeting Place?

We have over 30,000 registered users from almost every country in the world representing, on the one side, owners and executive teams from start-ups to large manufacturing groups, and on the other side, corporate finance advisors, individual and institutional investors. We are proud that we have hosted projects with a total sought investment in excess of USD 32.5bn from a private placement of Facebook shares, to an online education provider in Singapore, to a manufacturer of automotive safety technology in Estonia.

How do you assess whether there are legitimate investment projects?

Merar Meeting Place has been successful by conducting a base legitimacy due diligence on the investment opportunities hosted on the platform and protecting users from scams, spams and fraud through network and human security.

Is a Merar Meeting Place secure?

Merar Meeting Place protects your identity against scams, spams and fraud through bespoke network and human security.

How does Merar Meeting Place charge for its services?

Merar is not an investment broker and does not charge a percentage of funds raised. It is an investment platform. Membership is free of charge, as is the publishing of investment opportunities. Opportunity owners can pay $300 USD for enhanced services such as additional promotion and copywriting. Contact establishment with opportunity owners is charged $50 USD to the investor side only.

Please refer to our Terms of Use for more information.