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We are looking for investments opportunities in Europe for our network of private investors. We advice both private investors and entrepreneurs.

Videoproduction Company Looking for a Loan to Complete 2 Projects

I am a cameraman involved in 4 projects: promotional/informative video making for nursing homes in the Netherlands and online platform for job seekers.

Looking Investment to Establish a Digital Currency Mining

Investment needed for Currency Mining Project In Mumbai. In this project we buy mining equipment and use it for mining digital currency.

Required Genuine Investor for supply Start-up Business online etc

I am looking for Investor who like to invest 1 million dollar to my start up business proposal related to sales and services.

Business in Sales & Services Computer Peripherals , Recycle, etc

The investor will get his investment amount back within 4 years with interest as agreed by both parties or as understood by both of us.

Required Investor for Start-Up Business in Import Assemble Sales

Introducing new brand in Indian market. Just get imported assemble and sales, etc. Potential clients are already there and we will get more clients on monthly basis.

Investment Needed in Production & Exportation of Agricultural Produce

I'm seeking an investment to set up a medium scale production hub where we will produce, package, sell and also export various dry goods from Nigeria to the world.

Reconstruction of Automobile Tires by Cold Welding on the Tread

The method of cold welding of tires is preferred than the hot welding as it is possible to weld the same tire up to five times.

Metal Scrap Export Business Start up in Champaign, Illinois, USA

US based new LLC company in Illinois looking for an investment to procure and export of metal scraps from USA to other countries.

Guest House Venture, Flourishing Industry in Maldive islands.

From an eye catching location, the guest house is almost 70% complete, Need an investor to complete the finishing, and be a partner with the business.

Seeking US $ 10 Billion to Build a Tourist City And IT City.

I have an innovative idea for you. I am seeking US $ ten billion to build a Tourist city and software development city in coastal India.

Funds Required for Manufacturing of Electric Cars in India.

We intent to manufacture zero emission electric cars in India to supply globally in 3 years time, the concept has no competition so far.

Need an Investor For a Tourist Guest House Business in Maldives.

Looking for an investor to start own guest-house business in Maldives. I want to build a 4 story guest house. Very profitable business.

Debt/Equity Investment Needed in Dairy Farming Enterprise

Introducing dairy farming onto existing farming projects. Supplying milk to two milk processing plants nearby. Investment for buying cows and construction of parlor.

Huge Opportunity For Creation of a Specialist Office in Maputo

Establishment of a local agency to promote and generate viable projects duly audited for presentation to Int. funders, guaranteed medium to long term projects.

We Are in Renewable and Looking to Expand Our Business in India

We have great opportunity in our hand in both power plant setup and in Epc provider to various clients. We have good client in hand and can offer up to 15%ROI

Premium Quality Jet Black Granite Quarry for Sale - Tamilnadu, India

We have around 8.5 acres Premium Quality Jet Black Granite Quarry for sale - Tamilnadu, India. minimum output will be aroud 60K CBM as per survey report.

Agro Business for Sale With Own Land in Bulgaria With Bio Certificate

We sell a company with 530 000 sq.m. land with bio certificate , border with river, 18 km from Danube river and Ruse Port. Very good location near international road.

Lucerne/Alfalfa Production in Botswana. A protein based fodder crop

Lucerne is mostly imported and sold by Agriculture distribution shops in Botswana. I want to be the one to stop this import of lucerne in Botswana.

Equity Investment Needed in Transportation Business with 20% ROI

*Commuter transit business within Lagos,Nigeria. *Fund needed to increase Capital from $9000 to $30000 *Shares with up to 20% dividend for investors.