Consultancy Services for Business to Business and Individuals

I have around 50-100 inquiries coming in every day through social media offline contacts. I'm already giving them services like providing them valid utility leads.

Investment Needed in Operating Tourism Company in The Caribbean

Transportation and tour company offers ground and air transportation and tours. Funding to purchase equipment, working capital & marketing. Debt or equity funding.

Investors Sought for a Start up Wastewater Treatment Firm in India

A start up environmental engineering firm based at Chennai, Tamilnadu, India seeking investment partners for the firm. We will deal with waste water treatment.

Investment Оpportunity in New Bollywood Film with Good returns

Investment opportunity in new Bollywood film produced by a reputed Film Producer who introduced digital film in Indian movies.

Funds Required for New Factory Near Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Proposed factory near Kolkata, West Bengal, India to manufacture electroplated products. Also offer options to electroplate large industrial structures .

Hydroponics Agruculture for Herbs and Agricultural products.

Our aim is to develop highly-profitable farms by using soil-less agriculture technology (Hydroponics) to grow and sell premium-quality processed culinary herbs.

Online Sales Education, Art, Craft, Technology Supplies Opportunity

One of the longest established suppliers, this family owned and operated company which specialises in online sales of a comprehensive range of school supply products.

Debt Capital of USD 600k Required for Papaya Planation - Sri Lanka

We have established a Papaya plantation for extraction of latex and factory to process latex extracted Green Papaya in the Northern Province.

Investment Opportunity in Small Family Business - Knitwear Factory

Knitwear producing for international brands for sale. The Company owns land 2000sq.m and built area 2000sq.m with modern technical equipment without related loans.

Looking for Short Term Entertainment Investment w/ROI within 2017

Seeking £19,300 short term investment in exchange for 1% of British Film Company. ROI within 2017 [if Investor chooses]

Looking for Investors For Crypto-Currency Based Start-up

We are planning a venture into a crypto-currency based online business. We are looking for a co-founder who can support us financially.

Excavation Contractors - Contract Crashed Motivated Sellers

This leading Sydney Water Accredited civil excavation company has been delivering excellent results for clients for almost 20 years.

Large Concrete Pumping Business on the East Coast of Australia

Well established mobile concrete pumping business has the most up to date fleet of concrete pumps on the East Coast of Australia between Newcastle and the Gold Coast.

Grass-based, Chemical-free Exotic Product Manufacturing Dairy Plant

The unique product lines include cream cheese spread, yogurt, whey protein powder and whey protein bars. No other facility manufactures this line.

Equity Investment & Active Business Participation in Paper Plant

Looking to expand with additional product range especially for Export markets. Offering stake in business & asset holding of the company. Excellent market potential.

Waste tire processing project / Thermolysis technology Plant

Recycling waste tire to Coke,Oil,Rubber crumbs,fiber,steel wire,gas. Purchase Thermolysis technology plant,land for construction,lab test equipments. Offer investor 20%.

Investment Needed for Stone Mining With Guaranteed Returns.

Abundance of rail roads, highways and construction of buildings creates a humongous opportunity to invest in stone crusher .

Existing Biofuel Industry- Looking for Finance for Growth

Existing bio briquettes industry, has slowdown because of financial insufficiency. Looking for finance - capacity 200 tons per month - profit of 2lakhs per month.