Looking for Development Film Finance for Current Projects SEIS & EIS

A independent film production company requiring investment for development finance. We are offering 1% equity in the company which is SEIS & EIS advanced approved.

IT Product for Integrated Farm Management Services, India

It is an IT product,that provides all type of services that includes man power, governance etc. Given opportunities to unemployed rural talented engineers.

Competitive Affordable Housing Project Seeks Seed Capital ,Ghana

Our company specialises in affordable housing. We have developed our own proprietary building technologies and specialised mortgage product.

Leading Australian Large Format Digital Printing Business

Established 35 years ago, this top Australian digital printing company on the East Coast specialises in PRINTING and THINKING big!

Request For Debt Financing For a Real Estate Company With a 10% ROI

Real estate company and into construction of affordable housing units. We require funding for development of housing units. We proposed a return of 10% on investments

Seeking Investors for Expanding an Established Aerospace Company

We are seeking investors for expanding an already established firm in the Indian aerospace sector. The sole purpose is to set up a world class manufacturing unit.

Investors/Partners required for an Automated Dairy Farming startup

With the greater demand and better futuristic prospects of engineered dairy farm practices in India, I am planning to start a scientific automated dairy farm in Kerala.

A College Registered in Kenya is Seeking Investment For Advertisement

An are an online College - a pioneer of this type of training in Africa .It is registered officially in Kenya. Free courses. We earn from certificate fees.

Baking and Food Mfg Industry in Various Countries Under IBD Program

Need Investment to acquire running industry in baking and food manufacturing sector, especially in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and South East Asia regional countries.

Request For Debt Financing For a Real Estate Company. ROI OF 10%

Real estate company and into construction of affordable housing units. We require funding for development of housing units. We will pay a return of 10% on investments.

Looking for Investor Who Will Also Be Involved for Companies Growth

Looking for an investor cum partner who will not only invest but also will be responsible for the growth of the business. We already have a stable & successful product.

Investment Required in Timber and Banking Industry @ 10-11.50% PA

We are in Timber Industry and Banking industry. Required investment for expansion.For more information, please contact us on Merar.

Consultancy Services for Business to Business and Individuals

I have around 50-100 inquiries coming in every day through social media offline contacts. I'm already giving them services like providing them valid utility leads.

Investment Needed in Operating Tourism Company in The Caribbean

Transportation and tour company offers ground and air transportation and tours. Funding to purchase equipment, working capital & marketing. Debt or equity funding.

Investors Sought for a Start up Wastewater Treatment Firm in India

A start up environmental engineering firm based at Chennai, Tamilnadu, India seeking investment partners for the firm. We will deal with waste water treatment.

Investment Š˛pportunity in New Bollywood Film with Good returns

Investment opportunity in new Bollywood film produced by a reputed Film Producer who introduced digital film in Indian movies.

Funds Required for New Factory Near Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Proposed factory near Kolkata, West Bengal, India to manufacture electroplated products. Also offer options to electroplate large industrial structures .

Hydroponics Agruculture for Herbs and Agricultural products.

Our aim is to develop highly-profitable farms by using soil-less agriculture technology (Hydroponics) to grow and sell premium-quality processed culinary herbs.