Investment Needed in Premium Intercity Transport Project. ROI is 40%.

Premium intercity service using luxury vehicles between cities in Nigeria. Funding is needed to launch project. Investor will get 40% ROI after 2 years.

Participating Partner Needed to Globalize a Legendary Jewelry Brand

Thailand-based Bvlgari-quality Astrological-Jewelry brand willing to globalize. The investor must provide a fully-qualified Business Manager to foster globalization.

Invest in Car Safety with Protector™ – Safety Assured, the Visual Way

Protector™ is the future of passive automotive safety. A safety belt system that tells you when it has been overused and is no longer safe for use.

Investor for Setting-up a Dental Clinic and Laboratory in Tanzania

Demand projection indicates that the public demand for quality dental services and dental laboratory products is high and is increasing with time.

Required Investment for Modelling and Casting Agency Business

We are looking for investors for our website which introduces new or upcoming stars, anchors and models for film and TV industry.

Biomass Company in Thailand Raising USD1,000,000 Expansion Funding

Leading social enterprise supplying wooden fuel to both domestic and regional power, heat and steam boiler customers via a network of mini-producers seeks expansion.

Seed Capital Needed to Launch Low-Cost Intercity Transport in Nigeri

The concept is to provide low cost intercity road transport services for the low income earners. Funding is needed to purchase equipment, equip terminals with 37% ROI.

Mining Opportunity in Guyana - Discover Tantalite & Minor Minerals

Invest in Mineral Mining at high return. The investment payback period is very short. Clients are available and ready to buy the mining production on the spot.

Green Agriculture Project for Cropping Potatoes at 50% ROI

Project location: River Nile State, 134 km North Khartoum, Sudan. Stage 1: cultivate area of 1300 feddan. Crop: Potato. Fund required: USD 4,600,000. ROI: 50%.

Partner Wanted for Import of Sugar to South Africa from Brazil

We have identified a solid supplier of high quality sugar and are seeking import capital to ship it to our clients in South Africa.

The Most Beautiful Piece of Beachfront Land in Dominican Republic

This land is privately owned, free & clear estimated value is $1.5B. This parcel is strategically located in one of the best tourist area in Dominican Republic.

Looking for Sleeping Investment Partner for Start-Up Tamil Film

We are a new production in Tamil industry, we are looking for sleeping investment partner for our start up Tamil film, we are ready for shooting with best concept.

High Profile Hire Business Servicing Melbourne Construction Industry

First time to market, this family owned long-term hire business was established over 50 years ago and is the market leader with a long list of major clients.

Chemical Manufacturing Plant Acquisition in Shahdol, MP, India

Equity/Debt investment is required to acquire a closed chemical manufacturing facility in Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Equity Investment Sought for an Organic Goat Milk Skin Care Project

The project aims to produce certified organic goat milk skin care range of products that will include soap, lotion, shampoo and lip balm with equity investment of 49%

Investors Needed for Real Estate Development Firm in Karnataka, India

Require a investor for a Real Estate development company who can invest in land purchase. Investment would be INR 15000000 ($236900). INR18600000 in return over 2 years.

Investment for a Conservation, Research and Eco Tourism Project

An Equity or a Debt investment is being sought to invest in a Unique Conservation, Research and Eco tourism Project in Zimbabwe.

Equity Investment Needed in Poultry Farming Project with 200% ROI

We will produce poultry products. Capital is for acquiring land buildings and working capital. Agreed shares between the two parties.

Investment for Eco-Tourism Project in the East African Highlands.

I am looking for an investor or partner to invest in this pioneering Horseback Safari Trial project in the East African Highlands.