Bio-Diesel & Oil Processing Company for Sale - Madhya Pradesh, India

The company is an oleo-chem manufacturing entity which produces bio-diesel and processed vegetable oils used as renewable fuel and industrial raw materials respectively.

Debt/Equity to Develop Granite Quarry in Own Lands with 40% Net Share

Granite slabs industry is growing in entire world. We extract raw stone blocks, for quarrying fund is needed, we offer investors direct share in profits or ownership.

Manufacturer Dryer and Aeration Products Agricultural Industry

Fully managed business manufacturing dryers and aeration products for the agricultural and commercial food processing industries.

Seafood Company Starting Prawns Production on Portable Factory Vessel

Production of 5000 - 10000 MT of Black Tiger Prawns by the use of a movable processing factory vessel from 150 - 200 prawn farms along the coastline of the Philippines.

Short, Simple and Profitable Business Opportunity in Indonesia

Total investment is $16.354.343,90USD. Profit $27.019.259,26 – $16.354.343,90 = $10.664.915,36USD (for a maximum of 1 year).

Rough Diamond and Precious Metal Mining and Buying in Guyana

I am providing small-scale operations of buying different quality stones including diamond and other mineral from a large range of source around the Guyana.

Kitchen Manufacturer Seeking Investors for Equity Finance in India

The Company is a one stop broad modular furniture solution which is offering wide range of modular kitchens and wardrobes.

Bio Diesel Fuel (BDF) & Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Project

Making Bio Diesel Fuel from Jatropha Plantation and related Clean Development Mechanism for Carbon dioxide reduction (apply to U.N.).

Wildlife Investment Opportunity in South Africa (as Property Owner)

Wildlife breeding in South Africa is reaching new heights with every auction and very few, if any investment currently utilized, create returns of this magnitude.

Looking for an Investor in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry [WHO GMP]

Ours is a formulation unit located in Hyderabad. We are looking for an investor for Growth and Expansion, to establish our own brand image. Funding at 35% ROI.

Turnkey BPO Ready in Makati, Philippines (Central Business District)

Have outgrown your business, would you like hire or add more people but is too costly, would you consider having your back office in Makati Philippines?

Registered Mining Company from Ghana Is Seeking for an Investor

We need investment to mine our new registered concessions in the gold rich deposits of the Western Regions. We have more than 300 acres of lands ready to mine.

E-Commerce B2C Setup for Authentic Indian Herbs and Spices

One stop intuitive and professional e-commerce web Portal for Authentic & Quality Herbs, Ayurvedic Products and Beauty items.

Investor for Hydroponics Agriculture Project in the Philippines

Making Hydroponics Agriculture plant (Japan technology) for supply vegetables in the Philippines. Contribute Job creation, poverty reduction.

High Profit Business Seeks Legit and Serious USD500K Investment!

This business is an retail store that sell 100% organic products for your home, grocery, beauty product's etc. This business can make a monthly profit of USD400K.

Debt/Equity Investment Needed in FOREX Brokerage Industry

Forex Trading is one of the fastest growing industries although the market is still fairly new and growing fast especially in third world countries.

Hi-Tech Sustainable Integrated Organic Farming Using Modern Methods

This initiative is towards establishment of a hi-tech sustainable integrated organic farming using modern methodologies.

Business Creation Hub for the Developing Countries (Philippines)

Providing business consulting for entrepreneurs and established companies, offering investment opportunities for lenders, job creation and poverty reduction.

Alluvial Diamond Prospect Available along Namibia’s Orange River

Alluvial Diamond prospect available along Namibia’s Orange River with proven reserves of 17-Million Tons of Diamondiferous Material, set to deliver some 500 000 Carats.