About Merar

Merar provides solutions for the trusted sharing and availability of information in a controlled environment, with full security and compliance. We aim to make information relevant through structured disclosure, whilst at the same time ensuring regulatory compliance and security.

Merar Deal Room provides world leading secure, managed and compliant data rooms. We deliver solutions for single projects and transactions or for permanent, multiple, full corporate use. Our client list comprises of:

  • Corporations and firms conducting international projects and M&A 
  • Dealing with business partners, distributors and sales agents 
  • Disclosing information to local and international regulatory bodies and government authorities, and for general data protection and archiving compliance

Merar Meeting Place began by assisting SME companies and entrepreneurs in emerging markets promote their businesses to potential investors and sources of funding. Now globally focused, today companies and investors from almost every country in the world use Merar Meeting Place. At the end of 2014 the investment network had over 30,000 registered users from almost every country in the world. Merar Meeting Place has been successful by conducting a legitimacy due diligence on the investment opportunities hosted on the platform and protecting users from scams, spams and fraud through network and human security.

Merar is a privately held company whose shareholders are regulated individuals in the UK, Switzerland and Bulgaria. Our head office is in London, UK. The IT and business development office is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since Q3 2014 we have a representative office in Dubai, UAE.