World leading virtual data rooms and investment opportunities

Merar provides solutions for the structured sharing and availability of corporate, investment and other confidential information in a controlled and secure environment.

deal room

Secure virtual data rooms

  • Minimum administration
  • Full information and user controls, tracking and audit
  • Cybercrime protection and encryption
  • Managed solutions for document collection and liaison, virtual data room set-up and administration

Merar Deal Room provides world leading secure data rooms which are used by our customers for facilitating M&A; disclosing confidential to business partners, agents, regulatory bodies and government authorities; and for internal data protection and archiving compliance.

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meeting place

Investment opportunities worldwide

  • Assisting companies, entrepreneurs and investors find successful partnerships
  • Global reach and targeted sourcing
  • Project validation processes and fraud protection
  • Reducing corporate finance cost

Merar Meeting Place began by assisting companies and entrepreneurs in emerging markets promote their businesses to potential investors and sources of funding. Now globally focused, today companies and investors from almost every country in the world use Merar Meeting Place.

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