Property Development in Brisbane, Australia with 88% ROI

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Property based in Brisbane CBD, Queensland, Australia. 1.5kms from the Gabba Cricket Stadium. Very high guaranteed ROI (88%). Land and First Charge over the property as Collateral/ Security.

This is a 150 Unit Apartment Project based in Brisbane, Australia. Phase 1 is already in progress and pre-sale is secured for 30%. Phase II is about providing affordable Single Bedroom units that offer great value for money.

While our competitors are concentrating on luxury living in the City and are selling units at AUD. 450-600,000, there is a big demand for affordable sub AUD. 300,000 dwellings which we are addressing.

Below is the quick outline of the whole project.

Land Cost: AUD. 4.25 million
Development Cost: AUD. 1.2 million
Construction Cost: AUD. 10 million
Marketing: AUD 2 Million
Council Contribution: 3.5 million

Total Cost of Project: AUD 21.2 Million
Projected Sales and Profit

Per Unit: AUD. 250,000
Total Sales: AUD. 250,000 x 150 units = AUD. 37.5 million
Gross Profit: AUD 16.3 Million
After Tax: AUD. 14.67 million

Funding Structure

Funding Required: AUD 6.6 million
Promoter Funding: AUD. 6.6 million
Bank Funding: AUD 8 million
Share Ratio: 50:50
Profit Ratio: 60:40

Charge over Property: Bank>Investor>Promoter

Total Returns after 24 months: AUD. 6.6 million + AUD. 5.8 million = AUD 12.4 Million
ROI: 88%

Rationale for the deal

• Current project (Phase-1) already sold at 30%
• Affordable, Value Housing while others are concentrating on Luxury City living
• Brisbane CBD expansion covered the property land
• Experience of over 12 years in all verticals of property development

Use of financing

Funding is primarily needed to secure/ purchase the land. The Land is currently on option with fee paid till Q1-2013 . Construction cost comes via Bank Funding.

Finance would be required at two stages. One of 4.25 million, the rest at 20% completion of the project.

Opportunity for the investor

We have it explained in the Details of the project. May we also add that for any investment of over AUD. 5 million, the Australian Govt. offers an expedited Permanent Resident Visa (in 2 months).

Please do not hesitate to contact us on Merar for any more information

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