Specialised Equipment Hire For Major Construction Projects

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Established in 2009 a privately owned and operated company specialising in hire of Commercial Concrete Pumping Equipment, with operators, based in Queensland.

The company focuses particularly on hiring concrete pumping equipment to major construction companies involved in commercial high rise projects and infrastructure work. It supplies the service of Concrete Pumping to the construction industry leaders, such as Multiplex, Leightons, Built, Grocon, Abi Group, Westfield, Mirvac, Watpac, etc.

Relocatable Pumps are generally placed on site for the duration of the concrete pour, obviating the need for daily travel to and from the job. A fleet of service vehicles provide on-site maintenance.

The company has experienced strong growth in recent years by becoming the market leader in commercial concrete pumping for not only the Tier 1 builders but are also favoured for government infrastructure works.

The company has a total workforce of 41 employees.

The Vendors are looking for an exit strategy but are interested in ensuring the continued growth in the business. They will consider all genuine offers either full sale, or an earn out period.

Projected 2016-17 T/O $16m

EBITDA $5.9m

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