Gold Mining Project with Current JORC Report Confirming 107,000oz Au

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Current JORC report confirms an exploration target of 107,000 ozs of gold. Current geologist consultant inspected site and advises significant additional gold.

The mining team consists of a geologist who consults to other gold mines across the globe, a mining engineer/geologist, a mine operator/manager and myself who was previously the Queensland manager of a multinational company, operating in the area of retail projects construction. The current JORC report confirms an exploration target of 107,000 ozs of gold. This JORC report points out that,

" This Gold Mining Lease area is clearly fertile in gold. The deposits focused on to date are small but contain high grades and have not been adequately explored for depth continuations, strike continuations and repetitions along sub-parallel fault splays. It is the author's opinion that the exploration potential is high and significant space remains laterally and at depth, to host additional high grade gold systems. "

The mining team visited the Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources and Mines in April 2016 where it was confirmed that, the Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources and Mines and the Geological Survey Department is currently undertaking a vast metallogenic research project ( to be published in late 2016 ) . The Department indicated to us in this meeting that they view this particular Mining Lease area which we control, as one of the most prospective metal projects in Queensland. DNRM assays for rock chip samples collected in this Mining Lease area in late 2015 returned an average grade of 8.2 grams of gold /ton with a maximum assay of 80 grams of gold/ ton.

The Mining Lease under control covers 27 tenements over 773 square kilometres containing a 50 kilometre fault line where all the gold to date has been located but not yet explored.

We have the best site, we have the best team and now we seek your investment of USD $5,000,000 to grow a very substantial mining empire which we will all share in. We offer the incoming investor 50% of the net profits and 50% of the voting rights in a fresh private company to protect your investment.

Competitive Advantage

This is a large, high grade gold resource located in a stable jurisdiction with a very experienced team who are committed to continue developing best practice mining methods to obtain the best outcome for all stakeholders. There is a well maintained airstrip adjacent to this site and plentiful clean water onsite. As we are all positive people in this mining team you will find working with us full of integrity, cheerful and effective.

Rationale for the deal

After the Investor's satisfactory due diligence for this project a new private company will be established to operate this mine. 50% of the A Class, voting shares will be allotted to the investor. All voting decisions are required to be unanimous. 50% of the profit distribution "B" Class shares will be allotted to the investor.
A new bank account will be established with all withdrawals required to be authorized by the investor and by the existing mining team electronically. The investor may appoint a supervisor to oversee the operations of this mine and onsite accommodation will be provided free of charge to this supervisor. Mining equipment, mining workers, all statutory fees and operational costs will be paid from the USD$5,000,000 investment.
The accountants for this project to be mutually agreed upon. Once the project is in a positive cash flow situation, both the investor's mine supervisor and the original mining teams mine supervisor will draw a monthly fee of USD $30,000 each.

Use of financing

There will be no need for any financing after the USD $5,000,000 has been invested into this project.

Opportunity for the investor

The investor will have an opportunity to team up with four experienced, highly skilled and positive individuals to develop a major Australian gold mine containing high grade gold and then expand into other nearby Gold mines.

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