Goldmine Project in Australia Seeking Investors/Long Term Partners.

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The company is seeking equity to operate goldmine projects. Due diligence and geologist have been done and contains the reserve $680,000,000 .
Seeking partnership .

The types of investors sought are those who can fully grasp the Company’s business model, the potential of its business model and the target market that the Company is focusing on.
All the due diligence and geologist report has been investigated and issued by independent well known geologist.

The complete exploration program has involved significant bulk sampling and limited production from test pits and a detailed seismic refraction survey. Test pits in the seismic grid area returned a total of 728 troy ounces of crude gold from 36,557 cubic yards of alluvial material, averaging US$ 20.58 per cubic yard (at $1200/oz) for just 800 hours of washing during the 3 year test period.
Pure exploration expenditures (excluding costs) on the property since 2000 are in excess of US $300,000. From the seismic work done on the property the geological reserves appear to be greater than 20 million cubic yards.

The company long-term goal is to do an IPO. with the demand of precious metal in the world;
1. Expand on existing Australian and additional International infrastructures.
2. Establish additional mature marketing programs throughout additional International locations.
3. To seek a listing on an International Stock Exchange by way of an Initial Public Offering.
4. Remain highly opportunistic and adaptable in the face of inevitable changing global and fiscal trends.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantages
1. Gold and properties are safe haven in this volatile and uncertain times, flight-to-quality as investors seek to protect their capital by moving it into assets considered to be safer stores of value.

2. Gold is among a handful of financial assets that do not rely on an issuer’s promise to pay, offering refuge from default risk.

3. It provides insurance against extreme movements that often occur in the traditional asset classes in unsettled times. Gold’s value in terms of the real goods and services that it can buy has remained remarkably stable for centuries. In contrast, the purchasing power of many currencies has generally declined, due for the most part to the rising prices of goods and services.

4. As market cycle come and go, but over the long term, gold keeps its purchasing power and offer a good inflation hedge.

5. Gold is often used as an effective hedge against fluctuation in the US dollar-the world’s main trading currency. Gold like many commodities, are traded internationally in US dollars. Hence, If the world’s main trading currency appreciates, the dollar gold price generally falls. On the other hand, a fall in the US dollar relative to the other main currencies causes a rise in the gold price.

6. Gold has consistently proved among the most effective in protecting against US dollar weaknesses.

7. Risk factors that generally affect the gold price are quite different in the nature from those that affect other assets classes hence offering a good diversification for risk management.

8. Gold’s price moves in response to the changing balance between supply and demand.

9. Mine production relatively inelastic due to the long lead times that exist in gold mining which explain why the rally in the gold price since 2001 has still not engendered an increase in production levels.
Limited global un-mined gold reserved has also partly constrains production of gold. Meanwhile, demand has shown sustained growth, due in part to rising income level in gold’s key markets. This has created the foundation for the most positive outlook the precious metal has known for a quarter of a century.

Use of financing

Utilisation of Funds Raised:

a. Acquisition of the mining $20,000,000
b. Explorations and associated operations at goldmine ($ 2,000,000)
c .Purchase of Machinery, Equipment maintenance and insurance ($ 6,000,000)
d. Salary and wages, legal expertise for acquisition transaction and other legal services required ($ 1,000,000)
e. Insurance ,transportation, and misc.
f. GPS system services g. Health supplies h. Office and administration expense ($1,000,000)

Opportunity for the investor

Potential investors can look for being part of the Board of Directors.

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