Solar Energy Developer Looking for Strategic Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our solar air heating technology is the first renewable source of heat that is more economical than any source of fossil fuel heat for any scale application for industry, agriculture and for heating of buildings. We need the funding to consolidate the start-up and for marketing.

Our new technology ( has a huge economical potential both in Australia and internationally. We need to make this technology known and to increase its exposure to the business world.

Our company sells manufacturing licenses to companies which produce and install the new solar air heaters for their local market.

We need to enhance the image of our company so that it can take advantage of the value of its new technology and of the favourable international conditions which ask for clean energy. We need about $20,000 for website, $50,000 in business advisory service, $100,000 for space rental, $200,000 for hiring personnel, the rest for miscelaneous.

For more details, interested investors can contact us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

Our business model relies on the excellent economical advantages of our technology: the users of our solar devices can pay about half for clean solar heat than for fossil fuel heat, while our licensees who manufacture our solar air heaters can make large benefits without needing government grants or incentives. Our technology is the first that can be so economical when compared with fossil fuels. This advantage derives from high design know-how and special solar radiation absorber developed for this purpose.

Rationale for the deal

No other company has this advanced know-how in solar air heating, therefore no other company can provide so economical products. We keep the design know-how within Q Solar and use it only for the benefit of our licensees who pay for our design services. We also receive income from the initial training of the lecensees and from the license contracts. As our technology is very versatile, we shall have many licensees internationally because this technology applies to developed and to developing countries from warm or cold climate. We practically have no competition and we shall remain the best designers of solar air heaters.

Use of financing

The principal barrier in front of our technology is that the potential users (private, industry or agriculture) do not know of our new technology. Therefore the main efort (after we developed the technology) is to make this new branch of energy appliances known to the potential users so that they can ask for them.

We need the financing for improving the demonstration setup of our products, hire better premises and hire marketing personnel to create awareness of this technology amongst both end users and amongst potential licensees.

We can accomplish the above two steps at the begining and middle of 2012.

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