Sustainable Plantation Fine Rainforest Timber in Mary Valley, QLD

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This is an Australian-owned fine hardwood timber plantation established by the partners in 2003 with a a total area of 120.5 ha.

This is an Australian-owned fine hardwood timber plantation established by the partners in 2003. The partnership has amalgamated a total area of 120.5 ha of previously degraded dairy country in Queensland’s Mary Valley. The plantation is professionally operated by an on-site manager who lives in a comfortable residence on the property. In addition to his forestry duties, the manager also agists approximately 100 breeder cattle on the property with residual lush pasture and spring fed dams.

The plantation is based on the the Mitchell Forest Farming System, which was developed as an environmentally responsible method of planting and cultivating high value rainforest timbers. The system is designed for the plantation to become self-propagating indefinitely, after the first harvest.

Access to these timbers is now very limited from old growth forest stock. These plantings were designed to achieve the maximum possible growth and maturity rates which will now provide, at first thinning and milling, silver Quandong (Eleaocarpus grandis) now greater than 10 years of age.

The opportunity has become available to realise the 13-year investment made in the production of high value timber to date. It is envisaged that the business is ideally suited to an investor who is looking for a secure, long term investment and income from sustainable forestry who can also enjoy the pristine Sunshine Coast hinterland.

The purchaser will receive the benefit of:

- Native forest 92 ha
- Cabinet timber (high value rainforest timber) 23.5ha
- Eucalypt (plantation species) 5.5 ha
- On-site manager
- Old growth ready for Initial harvest and processing (last exploited 40 years ago)
- Followed by staged harvest, commencing in 3 years, of the rainforest plantings in a sustainable self-propagating forestry model
- Projected revenue up to $10m pa within 10 years
- Dedicated Vendors willing to work with the new owner to ensure the company’s continued success

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Projected Revenue to $10m pa within 10 yrs

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