A Family Fantasy Adventure Film with Expected RoI of 200% in 3 Years

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

ROI on a project like this can range from 100% up to 500% depending on the overall global success of the film over 3 years.

A story about an unusual friendship between a boy and a dolphin that may heal the wounds of the past and save a town from certain destruction.
A 1970's family drama with an international ensemble cast, awesome location, brilliantly original screenplay, killer 70's soundtrack with a highly motivated and very experienced team of seasoned filmmakers at the helm.

Financial Highlights:

Estimated Projected Returns (Based on similar genre films)
Budget: US$ 10.9M
Marketing & Distribution: US$ 10.0M
Commissions: US$ 3.5M
Total Spend: US$ 24.4M
Projected Returns (Goss Receipts): US$ 85.0M
Less Expenses: US$ 25.0M
Net Receipts: US$ 60.0M
Net Profits @ 50%: US$ 30.0M
Investors Share of Net Profits @ 25% (Estimated): US$ 7.5M

A detailed project plan is available upon request.

Competitive Advantage

Family Drama Films immediately have the advantage over non G-Rated films because there is no limit on the audience exposure for the film.
As a result the scope of distribution platforms available to generate a return are far greater than other categories or genre's of film.

Rationale for the deal

The supply of feasibly-budgeted, majorstudio-quality films has been receding, while the demand for these kinds of films has been increasing, due to today’s higher amount of licensing channels. Buyers and distributors worldwide are hungry for commercially viable films. They are insistent upon value for their purchases and are seeking major-studio-quality, commercial films for feasible licensing prices. Currently, and for the above-referred reasons, there is a vacuum for these kinds of films in the worldwide market.

Therefore, a plethora of opportunities exist for profitable returns on the type of film product that is most in demand: commercially viable, marketable films
with a name cast. Those kinds of films offer filmmakers and investors the
best recoupment prospects.

Use of financing

As the film already has US$7.5M attached through the EIS (European Investment Scheme) this demonstrates that there is strong investor confidence in the venture and any further investment would be on a smaller scale but at a far lesser risk (as explained in the attachment)

Opportunity for the investor

ROI on a project like this can range from 100% up to 500% depending on the overall global success of the film over 3 years.

The other added benefit to an investment like this, in what is essentially an intellectual property, is that the copyright runs indefinitely and will continue to yield returns indefinitely as the film continues to screen in multiple markets on multiple platforms year in and year out.

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