Film and Media Company Equity Investment Proposal

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Open Eye Pty Ltd, is a long established Australian Screen Production and Marketing Company. Our 5 year BP includes, to produce 9 Feature Film projects, digitizing our library, and other producers 5000 films, all to be digitised and sold internationally, plus the BP includes financial services projects, all to be realized with our expert team.

Investment of up to 40% Equity is invited, (800,000 shares @ $3.75 = $3 Million). Working Capital of up to $40 Million over 5 years will be invested in high interest Australian Bank Term Deposits, controlled by the Investor (or Nominee) and Open Eye Pty Ltd (the Company) and only drawn-down for major projects.

The Films will be made with some drawn-dawn funds and the majority of film production finance will come from 'soft' local and international Government finance via co-productions and cash rebates. The digitisation of existing films provides a great opportunity to establish a specialist Distribution through traditional means but especially through the new media on a large international scale.

Australia has a excellent reputation for world renown cast and crew, however to fully utilize their expertise finance and financing services are required, this is also part of our five year Business Plan.

Competitive Advantage

For details, see our 'Equity Investment Offer Document' in Project Files (below) or contact Oscar Scherl, CEO on Merar.

Rationale for the deal

Please see Equity Investment Offer Document, below.

Use of financing

Financing of feature films and digital content projects

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