IPhone Game Project Looking for Debt Investment. ROI of 18%

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project is to create a next-generation virtual world platform dedicated to bringing people together on a massive global scale through spiritual iPhone games.

The purpose of funding is to finance part of the project cost. The debt will be amortised for 2 years. The investors will get 18-20% ROI.
The launch is expected in March 2013 and projected sales for the first year are US$1.8 million.

The project offers revolutionary levels of interactivity, fidelity, and scale. The platform scales to support thousands of simultaneous users per region along with state of the art graphics, gameplay, and social engagement.

The target market ranges from 8 year olds to adults. Not only young people, but all classes of people will benefit from this game. It brings together a message to the youth of the world the need for spiritual knowledge. India is the prime land of spirituality and hence considered for this project. The products are catered to niche markets internationally who crave for new and ground-breaking ways to practice spiritual values. This would establish the markets ready for future products.

Nonetheless, we aim to launch it simultaneously in other countries via the App Store. Since iOS is a highly integrated and accepted platform this game will be distributed via the App Store. All efforts are made to deliver quality graphics and expected output to ensure high endurance.

Key success factors for the project are:
• Matchless concept never developed before
• Quality graphics and animation
• Highly interactive and educative, actually gets the player to “THINK”
• Detail exciting story line with a fusion of traditional philosophy and modern adventure gaming approach

The project has already commenced with initial idea completed, the promoters have contracted and documented with game developers in India and business logic is finalised.
The gestation period for development is 4 months and the next key milestone is development of the game which needs to start as soon as possible. Funding is required for the development cost.
The payback period is within 1.5 years or less.

Competitive Advantage

There is no competitor for such a high level epic game. The concept, design, story and graphics are built from scratch for the existing target market. Highly appealing product for the current niche market which will enhance its potential exponentially.

Rationale for the deal

Internal Strengths:
1. Highly experienced and knowledgeable corporate team working with trustworthy data
2. Innovative game concept, design and deliverables
3. Marketing- global reach, distribution and awareness
4. Unique selling points (USP’s)
5. Integrated philosophy and values within the corporate team
6. Use of advanced processes and technology to deliver a quality product

External opportunities:
1. New innovative technological development in presenting spiritual values and themes
2. Leading industry and lifestyle trend for youth and adults
3. Globally spread niche target markets ensuring accurate sales and promotions
4. Develop new USP’s for future products
5. Major contracts with other communities interested in volume purchasing

Use of financing

Only one round of US$50,000 is needed for the development cost of the first game concept. The future games will be developed out of internal cash accruals.

Opportunity for the investor

Loan amount: US$50,000
Payback period: 1.5 years or less
Interest rate: 18-20%

Looking for a silent investor. The investment will be two instalments on a yearly basis.

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