Media Projects Development Fund

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Three feature films, "Clara", "Stingers" and "Horries War" require development finance plus the completed 5 feature films and 2 documentaries require digitising to sell them world wide in all the digital mediums.

We are an Australian media content producer and marketer of the company's films. The Company and its Managing Director have been active in the film and television industry since 1974. The main areas of operations have been, Director of Photography services, owning and managing a film Equipment Rental Company, Producing (23 Films) and Marketing the feature films and documentaries. Until the withdrawal of Government tax incentive finance in the late 90's we provided film finance via an ASIC approved Dealers License and specialized in Film Fund Management and Executive Producing, rising $120 Million‟s worth of production finance for Australian films.

With a key team of highly experienced industry professionals, with creative and executive management skills in all areas of the Industry, the Company is now focusing on expansion to provide film content for the World Screen Industry.

The company has acquired and developed a large range of Intellectual Properties, including thirty two (32) feature film scripts, from which we have chosen three as our lead projects, to be developed and produced in the next three years.

Please see details below, in the attached Offer Document.

Use of financing

The finance is required for the development of three international feature films and for the digitizing of the company's existing film library to sell them world-wide.

Overview of investment requirements:

Feature Film – CLARA - Dev. $75,000 + W/Capital $50,000 $125,000
Feature Film – STINGERS - Dev. $47,000 + W/Capital $50,000 $ 97,000
Feature Film – HORRIE - Dev. $50,000 + W/Capital $50,000 $100,000
Digitizing of Open Eye‟s Existing Film Library in summary; $240,000

Total investment requirements over a maximum of three years; $562,000

Provisional Development Schedule:

Group A) The Company intends to develop CLARA, and digitise the Film Library in the first year, requiring an investment of $365,000.
Group B) The Film STINGERS will be developed at the beginning of the second year, requiring an investment of $97,000.
Group C) The film HORRIE is intended to be developed no later than at the beginning of the third year, requiring an investment of $100,000.
Note: The Development schedule may change due to non-availability, at certain times, of the chosen star cast, or due to

Investors Benefits
Investors shall receive 20% per annum on a direct cash investment basis, or due to other external reasons.

Investors shall receive 10% per annum on a bank loan guarantee basis.
Australian Investors shall receive an assignment of copyright (ownership) of some of the Library Films, which, when donated to the NFSA will provide a substantial tax deduction from their regular income, which shall be re-assigned to the Company upon repayment of the loan and interest.
International Investors shall receive an assignment of partial copyright in a film in which they have contributed to the development of the project, which shall expire upon repayment of the loan and interest.
Investors shall receive (Associate Producer) accreditation on the films in which the investment took place, including the Library Films.
Investors shall have First Option to invest in the production or the marketing of projects.

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