Investment Project for Production & Bottling of Mineral Water

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have a spring, a bottling plant and a warehouse, all located 500m from a highway and 30 km from a railway. Payback period is from 1 to 2 years.

To implement the project we need:
1) Equipment for bottling mineral water (output 1,500 l / h; cost if produced in Belarus: 370,000 EUR) (output 6,700 l / h; cost if produced in Italy: 2,400,000 EUR). We can also consider other options.
2) Refurbishing the facilities (heating, interior and exterior repairs, which would cost about 50,000 EUR)
3) Operating on the domestic market will require a PR company (which will be shortlisted and selected with your participation)

The payback period is from 1 to 2 years depending on advertising expenses.

Interested investors can contact us on Merar.

In connection with the creation of a single market (customs union), we will have unlimited access to the Russian market (130.5 million people) and the Kazakhstan's market (16 million people).

The area of our property has:
1) Mineral water well in exploitation
2) Two sealed artesian wells (fresh water)

I can provide documents of ownership and a business plan upon request.

Water demand – background:
Theoretically water resources are inexhaustible and, if used rationally, they are continuously renewed. However, water consumption is growing at a fast pace and mankind is facing the problem of how to meet future demand. Many countries and regions in Europe, USA, Australia, Asia (China) are already suffering water scarcity, which gets worse each year. In Africa (according to UN analyses) wars for water will become reality in the next decade.

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