Investment Project for Starting New TV Broadcasting Channel

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

An initial investment is required to purchase TV software and equipment, rent work premises, pay staff and actively promote the new channel.

A licence for a new TV broadcasting channel has been obtained. The cost of distributing the signal in Belarus is small. We are looking for a co-owner to finance TV software and equipment, office space, staff salaries and promotion. Test broadcasts are scheduled for January 2011, negotiations with advertisers in Sept-Oct 2011 and launch thereafter.

A public organization has obtained a license to broadcast the new channel: "Gesture”. The channel has a social agenda: some programs for deaf people will be broadcast, using sign language, interpreters or subtitles.

The sources of revenue for the channel include production of custom programs (including for the Belarusian Society of the Deaf), and broadcasting of advertising. The government has guaranteed a small payment for broadcasting the signal throughout Belarus.

The owner of the license - the Fund "Talents of the Third Millennium" – owns a some equipment and software to begin test broadcasting of the channel. The Fund is planning to organize test broadcasts in January 2011 and a series of activities that will present the new channel to the advertising community in September-October 2011. This will lay the groundwork for the channel to feature in corporate TV advertising budgets beyond January 2012.

The Fund is looking for a partner-investor and co-owner of the channel (a new legal entity will be created to institutionalize the partnership).

Please see the broadcasting license obtained by the fund in the annex.

Interested investors can contact us on Merar.

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