87 MW Wind Energy Park Investment Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are looking for investments for equity. We are seeking €500K (corresponding amount in USD) for 40% equity to complete our wind park.

We are a joint UK/Bosnian company operating in the renewable sector for 6 years. We have several renewable projects including 2 hydro and 3 wind farms. Seeking investment to take project from current Concession to Construction license.

The most mature of these projects is "Derala", an 87 MW park that has been granted concession from the Bosnian Government, at Federal and Canton level.

The Park has now been split into 3 smaller parks. 20MW, 30 MW and 37 MW to support a staged development and thus reduce risks.

Legal Framework Status:
Derala has acquired all the permits, licenses, registrations and now concession.
Project has full legal status.

Technical Status:
Derala has collected 18 months of wind data at 70m. The average is 7.4 m/s. Global Wind Power, our partners, have qualified the data and produced First Business Case reports. This report was done with full site visit and our collected data.

Project has qualified technical merit.

With the Bosnian Government Feed-In-Tariff option, the project offer fantastic 16.4% ROI. There are also good early exit strategies. We also have been fully qualified to receive 85% of construction funding from two financial institutions.

Current valuation is €50k per MW
At Urban Permit - €120k per MW
At Construction license - €200k per MW

The project offers very good financial opportunity for investors.

Current Project Status:
Having received the concession and with the wind data confirmed, we are now focused on obtaining the urban permit (which incidentally has already been granted at the municipality level). We anticipate this to take approx. 3 to 6 months. Once we have this permit, we then aim to finally obtain the construction license which we estimate to take a further 6 to 9 months.

Our focus will be to build the 20MW park first to reduce the risks.

Please see attached the project teaser.

Use of financing

To complete the Urban Permit ( including the environment license).

To apply for Grid License.

To complete the park to acquire the construction license.

Opportunity for the investor

We are seeking up to 5 investors each one the corresponding amount to raise €500k. These investments will be paid in small tranches. Each tranche payment linked to a critical milestone. This reduces risks for our investors.

Investors can exit at construction where we expect a major player to buy it outright. In this case you will see your returns at around 400%.

Or keep the stake and earn an annual income in excess of €500k (net) that will grow over the course of the 25 year life span of the project.

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