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Import and distribution business of hair care products has been running for 4 years successfully but company is at a stage of expansion where $150k is needed to expand.

BD Trend Ltd. in the town of Laktasi is a company that deals with import and distribution of professional hair cosmetics as well as hairdressing equipment for the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Company’s main activity is importing professional cosmetics and equipment and selling them directly to hairdressing salons. The company was founded in 2008 and started with only 4 employees, 3 salespersons and 1 administrative worker.

Since 2008 BD Trend Ltd. Laktasi expanded from one to three professional lines, hairdressing equipment as well as hair extensions. Also BD Trend d.o.o. Laktasi now has 7 employees, 4 salespersons, 1 driver, 1 accountant and 1 administrative worker. With 6 salespersons we have covered the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

BD Trend Ltd. Laktasi is working on a network principle. Working on the field so many days a week and then calling them once a week to get their orders which also get delivered on a weekly basis. This is all due to a nature of our Bosnian market.

BD Trend Ltd. Laktasi is a young and enthusiastic company which is following the world’s trends and at the same time expanding and growing step by step, or in the other words slowly but surely. BD Trend Ltd. Laktasi has a motto “Budite u trendu” which roughly translated means “Be trendy” which we try to follow in every aspect of our business.

Use of financing

The finance will be used to hire more sales representatives and purchase more distribution vehicles and a wide range of goods.

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