Solar Panel Production; Metalware Production Seeks Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project is based on its present purpose which is metalware production with a primary aim towards solar panel production. The layout on the attached document exhibits the possibilities of expanding the existing facilities onto a much bigger area which would then allow for the production to expand, evolve and attract foreign markets.

The aim is, as previously mentioned, to expand the production to meet the needs of the foreign markets which expansion would also involve the production of solar panels - if the necessary response towards developing such industry in Croatia would be offered. As the owner of the current business which focuses mainly on metal ware production and montage, I am enthusiastic about offering the facilities, and along with the support of the officials of the county working on providing the ground for an upgrade which would come up to a triple sized area of my existent one. Also, it is my interest and aim to open and offer more working positions for the county of Varazdin and beyond. I believe that the solar panel industry needs boost and expansion on parts of Europe on which it does not yet have distribution and also because solar power industry deserves a prominent place in plans for a clean energy future.

Croatia is on its way to enter the European Union and therefore needs to offer a variety in industry and development in solar panel industry is one of the crucial ones for the area. Varazdin was the host of the 2nd International Trade of renewable energy sources "Cro Eco Energy Expo 2010" and with its aim to further the effects of the expo I myself will be engaged along with the county officials to keep the interest for sustainability and solar panel industry rising.
For the potential investor or partner, this is a great opportunity to contribute to your own possibly existing company by expanding it geographically and gaining access to another market/s, also offering the opportunity to be a part of the growing industry in an area that is moving toward preserving the environment by offering alternative sources of energy production etc. The benefits are extensive and rewarding.

The stage of this project is a starting stage and needs further development and support and I believe that the proposed layout, working force and the officials support has the capacity to situate at least a fraction of the solar panel industry in Croatia. Please see the document attached and contact me for further information here at Merar.

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