Investment in Marble Quarry in Croatia

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

In the end of 2011 we have opened a beige marble quarry in Croatia. We are producing 1st, 2nd and 3rd class of marble blocks, gang saw slabs and all kinds of finished stone products. We are exporting our products worldwide and now we need to invest in machinery to increase our production and exploitation because of growing market demands.

The company was founded in Rovinj (Croatia) in 1992, and has been very successful in civil engineering and construction. In 2000 it got a prestige award from the Institute for business research for being among the ten most successful young entrepreneurs in Croatia. In 2005 the company moved to Šibenik and began with the export of rubble for the needs of breakwaters in Venice, Ancona and Pesar. In three years it has exported over 1,200,000 tons.

In the beginning of 2011 the company got a concession in the community Unešić (quarry Sedramić) which is 30 km away from Šibenik.

The results of laboratory research have shown that the dimension stone is a stone of high quality and that it can be used for wrapping up interior horizontal surfaces, exterior traffic surfaces, vertical wall surfaces, etc. The stone has extremely high hardness and while absorbing it becomes very glossy.

As a technical-construction stone it can be used for stone gravel for making an asphalt mix, upper and lower subbases of bituminous materials for highways, as well as concrete and reinforced concrete. It can also be used for covering and building exterior and interior walls.

As mentioned, due to growing market demands we need more machinery for exploitation and processing of marble. Right now in the quarry we only have the machines for exploitation, so we are planning to set up a production hall near our quarry so we can cut and finish stones ourselves. In that way we will lower the production costs, reduce time of delivery and ultimately lower the costs of our products.

Use of financing

The investment Plan will take two stages. For a detailed presentation of the uses of finances in each investment stage, please refer to the file attached. The total amounts are as follows:
Machinery: $3.243.304
Working capital: $750.000
All in total: $3.993.304

Opportunity for the investor

What we offer is 10-49% share in our company depending on the amount invested, active participation in decision making, profit share and exit strategy after 5-7 years with preemption right from the current owner. Investment plan and projected P&L statement are attached.

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