Creative Fashion-Focused Social Network Seeks Investor to Expand

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A unique Internet project and fashion-focused social network that connects people around the world through fashion, entertainment, creativity and online shopping. Launched in 2008, the network added a portal in 2009. The network's fashion brands total 145 at present. The majority of users are from Croatia, Serbia and Brazil.

trendMe is:
- A unique tool for Internet promotion in the very specialized area of fashion and lifestyle
- A marketing and sales channel with a strong connection between international fashion brands and the targeted population (buyers of their products and services)
- A tool for satisfying the user’s needs and wishes in the field of fashion and art, but also the social and entertainment component through communication and online socializing with members of the fashion industry
- A unique place for creating fashion combinations (tool) and the purchase of fashion items (online store) from which creations are taken
- A repository of information about fashion brands, items with prices, and shops

trendMe with its own wardrobe closet in interaction with fashion brand shop windows and with functional connections with a picture of every user gives a range of options for each user of the site:

- Easier selection of fashion items
- Virtual tryout of fashion items on your own body/photo of user’s body
- Comparison of items that a user already has with the ones in the store
- Advice from a fashion designer who is in charge of cooperating with users
- Fashion combinations according to their individual needs and desires
- Catalog with prices and information on discounts in certain stores
- Community between members – online socialization

Total number of combinations: 24,094
Total registered users : 3,922
Total number of fashion brands : 145
Total items : 102,224
Total number of photos from the fashion runway : 4,300

Google Analytics statistics (04/11/2010 - 04/12/2010):
Visits: 30,853 (Croatia 37.76%, Serbia 11.20%, Brazil 9.96%, B&H 7.16%, US 3.94%, Netherlands 3.11%, Germany 2.49% + others)

Pageviews: 1,262,253

Main competitors: California companies Polyvore and Kaboodle

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