ANFORA Shopping Center and Entertainment

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Funding is needed to finish the Anfora Shopping Center & Entertainment Project. The shopping center is established in 2005 and has yielded huge success as the first and only shopping center in North Cyprus. The investment will enable the introduction of new services and attractions to the center.

Anfora Ltd was created for only one reason which is to constructed Anfora Shopping Center & Entertainment.

Anfora shopping center was created in 2005 for the following reasons:

• 25 minutes drive away, in Karpaz – Bafra area, there is a large tourism district;
• In North Cyprus there isn't any closed or open shopping center;
• There isn't any Entertainment Center;
• There isn’t any outdoor bird aviary.

Anfora Shopping Center & Entertainment doesn’t have any competition.

What has been accomplished and how I am planning to finish my project:

In 2006 after Anfora Ltd was created I started a construction company by getting a licence from the Construction Union (for more information:

All the construction was made by my construction company, so I built the construction for 30% cheaper.

All the materials and machinery needed for construction are owned by myself and are still available. They include the following:

• Excavator
• Lorry/truck
• Doser
• Business machines
• Other materials & machinery

I plan to finish the project within 1 and a half years (green area is included).


When Anfora Shopping Center & Entertainment was under construction there was so much interest that the newspapers, radios, and tv made a news broadcast. This is why in North Cyprus Anfora Shopping Center & Entertainment is well recognized.

The marketing strategy that we are going to apply is as follows:

• Creating a website
• Internet
• Newspaper
• TV
• Leaflets

You can find attached some of the newspaper broadcasts about Anfora Shopping Center & Entertainment.

Plan for Anfora Shopping Center when finished:

When Anfora Shopping Center is finished I consider renting the restaurants, bars, entertainment center, and the shops for really low price.

The wedding salon is to be rent out a low price to clients.

The access to the outdoor bird aviary will be free.

The reason for my plans:

In North Cyprus the real estate prices (land, plot, shops, restaurants, and bars) are always gaining value. The shops that I am building will gain value within 2 years.

Around Anfora Shopping Center I have 200 donums of land (1 donum = 1 quarter of an acre) which will also gain alot of value within 2 years. For example 2 years ago a donum was 20,000 GBP and today it is 100,000 GBP (GBP is used in real estate ).

How I will pay back my loan:

I will be paying the interest rates every year. I will pay back the loan in 5 years.

After 4 years I will sell Anfora Shopping center & entertainment, plots, and land.

50 plots x 30,000 gbp = 1,500,000 GBP

22 offices x 35,000 gbp = 770,000 GBP

70 shops x 65,000 gbp = 4,550,000 GBP (shops differ so the value is approximate)

8 restaurants x 80,000 gbp = 640,000 GBP

6 bars x 55,000 gbp = 330,000 GBP

200 donum land x 25,000 gbp = 5,000,000 GBP

Total: 12,790,000 GBP

NOTE: These prices are calculated according to current prices, in 4 years the prices will triple.

12,790,000 GBP x 3 = 38,370,000 GBP

I will be paying back the loan considering the information above.

Loan and Interest rate plan:

December 2012 Interest rate payment

December 2013 Interest rate payment

December 2014 Interest rate payment

December 2015 Interest rate payment

December 2016 Interest rate payment

December 2017 Pay main loan (the loan we be paid in full)

I neeed $2,000,000 to finish my project.

Competitive Advantage

In 2004 I sold my land and I started Anfora Shopping Center & Entertainment Project. In 2006 I won an award for successful businessman of the year. This award was given to me because of the success of Anfora Shopping Center & Entertainment Project. In North Cyprus no one has built a open or closed shopping center project. I am the fırst person to do a project like this. We have great interest but because of lack of capital I have not been able to finish my project.

Rationale for the deal

I have finished 12000m² closed area, which consists of:
• 110 shops
• 22 offices
• 2 bank buildings
• 1 closed bazaar (2000m²)
• 1 gift shop (2000m²)
• 1 supermarket (700m²)
• 800 slots for car parking
• Green area

I have invested approximately $10,000,000.
My unfinished projects are:
• Restaurants
• Bars
• Open-air wedding salon (in North Cyprus weddings are in the summer)
• Entertainment Center (for kids and grown-ups)
• 50 plot of vacant land (project is ready)
• Outdoor bird aviary (in North Cyprus there isn’t any)

Use of financing

I neeed $2,000,000 to finish my project.

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