Manufacturing Plant for Innovative Perforated Metal Profiles

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This offer is a topical one for businessmen who are looking for new promising directions in business and want to invest money into a new perspective business project.

The proposed project relates to the field of innovative, constructive and household materials for fast fabricated structures. This project is supposed to launch a compact automated plant in Europe to produce perforated profiles and connect components of new generation with large sales volume.

The future Plant's production is innovative product with high consumer properties and protected by new patents.

There is a proposal for the new project PFA to create a new Joint-Stock Company on equal shares in order to attract investment in amount of ten million Euros.

The payback period of the PFA project is 3-4 years. There is a possibility to get a stable profit in the project because of serial production and the widespread use of the product in different consumer markets.

The prospect of the development of this project is a creation of a large transnational company PFA with branches in different countries. After signing Confidential Agreement I am ready to provide additional information of the project in details. My contribution is my designs and patents, my innovative technology for the present products and further the full technical organization of the production.

Competitive Advantage

The proposed complex system is a new product allowed to assemble houses, cottages, hangars, commercial boxes, green houses, shopping pavilions, playgrounds and many other constructions for consumer needs.

Rationale for the deal

Different researches on the present market and its development prospects concluded that there is a growing need for this universal constructive system. It is well adapted to the "DIY” program and it is going to be in a great demand in the market segment during economic crisis. Just now there are real customers for this product in different countries.

Use of financing

At this time I need business partners, manufacturing firms and companies that will take all the financial costs upon me to start the project and create a co-production in Europe with my equity participation contract. My contribution is my design and patents, my innovative technology for these products and more complete technical organization of the production.

Opportunity for the investor

I am the project manager looking to create a joint venture. I’d like to keep from 20% to 50% of my interest in the shares of the future company depending on the strength of my participation in PFA. I am open for cooperation in different ways and looking forward to your suggestions.

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