Luxury Restaurant/Night Club in the Heart of Prague for Sale

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Entertainment, Nightlife, Restaurant
Corporate events, celebrations, parties.
Sale of 100% stake in the company, all staff stay.

Products & Services
Corporate events, celebrations, parties, dates, personal celebrations.

Target market
The corporate sector, middle and senior managers.
People with incomes above the average, wealthy tourists.
Most often these are the men from 21 to 45 years old.

Business goals and expected outcomes
Increase profits by 15% annually, the addition of new products and offer additional services to customers.
The ability to increase margins on products and services (charges according to the analysis of competitors)

Progress on the project/business
Increased turnover by 12% for 2.5 years
Increase profitability by 15% for 2.5 years
Running club card systems and loyalty programs.
Updating the kitchen equipment.

Offering to the investor
For sale is 100% stake of the company. All staff, including managers continues to work in the company and after the sale.

*Loan to a potential buyer is possible, secured by property/personal capital. (All of the club and restaurant property are leased for 10 years with possibility of extension)

Competitive Advantage

Night Club is located in the heart of the tourist zone of the city of Prague, one of the main tourist destinations of the Czech Republic. The club is located not far away from the main clubing street of Prague, at the intersection of tourist flows of the historical center, not far from the riverside and historic attractions.
Thats a place with a great view from the terase in a local area of Prague.
Famous European trade mark.

Among the direct competitors, our club has the same level of services with the lower prices. Located quite close to the main touristic routs and city center. A range of the most famous 4 stars hotels are around.

We carry a variety of show programs, best girls of the city hang out in our club.
Every year we try to change and diversify our show program.

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