HighTech PET-MRi Diagnostic Center & Robotic Rehabilitation Clinics

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Having pre-ordered over 500% already of regular anual planned capacity. Fully indepent realization team of world-class professionals. High growth plans.

Fully indepent realization team of world-class professionals already working as a team for 8y seeking investor for building HighTech PET-MRi Diagnostic Center (USD15mn) with specialization for Brain injuries, Oncology & Cardio (money flow starts within 1year), 2y ROI. Building Robotic Rehabilitation Clinic chain (USD60mn). ROI 4years. Both Clinics has pre-ordered over 500% of planned anual regular capacity. So there is massive growth potential.
Market: CEE and Middle East, partly western EU.
Clients who made orders: Large Insurance Companies, NATO armies, Emergency corps (Police, firefighters, rescuers), large amount of clinics & health organizations providing streams of patients.
Both Diagnostic & Robotic Rehab activities are agreed woth global innovation leaders within the relevant field to act as a R&D labs for new reflective substances 7 robotic medical aplications.
Full Business plans prepared. Banks ready to invest 50% (very unusual for a startup). Majority of investment backed up with real-estate, medical equipment ect.
Audited by Deloitte. Top Tier project.
Complete documentations ready for a serious investor upon NDA and proof of capital provided.

Competitive Advantage

No such a clinic in EU. Pre-orders from top-tier clients covering 5xtimes more the needed until full ROI + massive growth.

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