Innovative and Globally Applicable House Building Solution

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Robins' target is to develop house complex or village near to Tallinn city, Estonia and have commission from sales (1,5 - 2%). Wooden frame houses will be built from new innovative construction blocks or SIP boards, each building will have land property of 1500 - 2000m2.

We are looking for an investor to finance the construction and management costs in 2013. The investment would be 1MIO EUR in the first year and 500,000 EUR in the second year.

Development within 3 years:

1. Initial stage - detailed plan + connection electricity, water
2. Project plan
3. Construction
4. Marketing and sales
5. Sales

Competitive Advantage

• Patented construction technology
• Low energy cost houses

Rationale for the deal

We plan to build social villages over Europe and expand to Far-East.

Use of financing

Robins to supply construction materials and land for developments. Investor to invest construction material costs and building costs.

Opportunity for the investor

We are looking for active or passive investor who will have 95% of the end profit.

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