Expanding into US & Europe and Designing Unique Software Solutions

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our intent is twofold: (1) To turn success in the US market into success in Europe, and (2) To develop a new generation of these solutions.

Some of the most innovative and demanding companies in the world entrust their growth and success to these unique collaborative software solutions. We have a good opportunity in B2B software, offering highly collaborative and transformational solutions to some of the most critical, pressing and vexing issues in innovation & new products / new services development processes.

Basically, we help companies and public services make the right decisions *as early as possible*, when thinking about new products & services or when tendering. Leverage is huge, as our clients consistently deliver the right product at the right time, avoiding altogether many efforts & costs, gaining better control over their risks, sanely and efficiently tackling otherwise mind-boggling design changes and regulatory issues, and engaging their suppliers, partners and clients in sound, cooperative design.

Lead clients have actually saved *billions* with our solutions, while still learning how to use them. Nothing magic about it, but the result of robust design, lean engineering & no-nonsense cooperation, a refreshing proposition for most complex organizations.

Some headlights:

- Unique, proven web 2.0 software solutions for a large, underserved market
- Years ahead of prospective competitors
- Awesome established references, endorsement and backing from leading, most demanding US & European companies (in aerospace & defense, high tech, automotive, and so on)

- Client benefits: cutting costs, boosting revenues, enabling innovation, and driving end-customer satisfaction metrics...

- As a reference, our "core, priority" focus market is greater than $500M in France + Germany + Switzerland alone (x4 when factoring rest of Europe & the US)
- Applicable to big companies (main target) and SMEs, as well as to public services transformation
- Appealing to clients even in difficult, bear markets

- Easy to test, adapt & deploy (very low barriers to adoption and various, flexible ways to set foot into new accounts)
- Especially applicable for generating & managing disruptive & 'green' opportunities...

- Excellent business model generating cumulative, recurrent revenues
- Attractive tax status & numerous grants & subsidies opportunities
- Straightforward execution, focused on sales (US & France, soon Germany and then rest of Europe/EMEA) and IP

- Experienced, international, balanced, talented team enjoying special access to C-level client executives
- Back-end cooperation with leading research teams to proactively extend our reach on emerging needs

- Enabling numerous attractive "real options" opportunities later on
- Multiple promising exit opportunities (both in Europe & in the US)

And so on...

Really great stuff, no surprises, our plan has been reviewed and validated by practitioners, prospective clients, leading strategy consultants and investors

Due to market conditions, our main prospective investor has sadly been forced to postpone sine die (he is stuck with illiquid assets), so we are back in the market, looking for funds.

Competitive Advantage

Without going into (confidential) specifics, let us mention just a few:

1. Incumbent competitors rely on legacy technology that can't stretch to our level, providing us with an 'umbrella' for our own development & growth

2. Already validated and battle-proven as enterprise-level solutions (a tall order for any bold fast follower)

3. Special access to critical C-level executives, and backing by prominent and influential people & companies

4. More than ten years of hands-on close observation of actual, specific practices - tacit knowledge, based on a unique and unusual mix of talent & experience

Rationale for the deal

Basically, the deal boils down to three things:

(1) Propagating success enjoyed in key US market into the leading European (and EMEA) markets - effectively "riding the wave"
(2) Refreshing the technology of a proven solution to benefit from IT progress (e.g. turn it into a web 3.0 solution) and to enable new features & services
(3) Gaining as a "free bonus" first-mover advantage for the next major wave of IT solutions (we won't elaborate on this publicly).

Our approach ensures full ownership of money-making and sought-after software, IP & methods.

Due to robust valuation drivers, the deal is quite low-risk, and value-creating even in case of modest (disappointing) success.

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