Co-Found and Co-Fund the Business Incubator for Students

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are seeking Angel Investors and Venture Capital firms to join us as partner to co-found the Business Incubator/Accelerator dedicated to students.

The goal is to found an incubator/accelerator inspired from the famous Y-Combinator located in the Silicon Valley.

As a friend of the UNICE Foundation, I would like to invite you to bring us your support as benefactor/sponsor to the innovative projects developed by the University Nice Sophia Antipolis.

Why the University Nice Sophia Antipolis?

- The headquarter of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis is located in one the best place in the world. Nice is the biggest city of the French Riviera/Cote D’Azur, between Monaco and Cannes.

The headquarter of the University Nice Sophia Antipolis is located at the "Grand Château" in the Valrose Park, a remarkable architectural monument builded in 1862 by the Russian Baron Paul Von Derwies:

- The University Nice Sophia Antipolis has partnerships with great personalities of the French Riviera such as H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco.

The 6th November 2009, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco was awarded The Doctor Honoris Causa Insignia of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis University:

- The Scientific research of the University Nice Sophia Antipolis is one the best in France and in the world with world-class researchers.

- The Tangible fixed asset of the University is estimated to more than "1 Billion Euros"! The University Nice Sophia Antipolis is the wealthiest University of Europe. This peculiarity is the strongest guarantee to all our industrial and financial partners.

- The UNICE Foundation supports only the best R&D projects validated by our industrial partners and sponsors, all are international leaders in their respective fields:

• Biotechnology/ Pharmaceutics/ New biomedical therapies/ Medical device/ e-Health
• Sustainable development/ Green-technology/ Clean-technology
• Information Technology and Computer Sciences
• Optics, Electronics, Materials science …
• Economics, Management and Marketing of Tourism
• Innovation in Perfume Industry
• Economics, Mathematics and High-Finance

Furthermore, throught the funding contribution of the UNICE Foundation, the University Nice Sophia Antipolis offers an efficient Business Incubator dedicated to the scientists of our University wishing to found startups based on their academic researches and patentented innovative technologies. (Incubateur PACA-EST ).

The University is also founding another business incubator dedicated to our students. Indeed, among the 26,000 students of our University, we should have several potential Mark Zukerberg (Facebook's Founder, youngest billionaire entrepreneur) that have crazy dreams and wishing to change the world. Of course, startups launched by students are less technology-based compared to University spin-outs backed by several years of scientific researches. Nevertheless, the success and profitability of such new ventures based on "goof ideas" could be very high (Facebook, Google, eBay...)

The economic center of gravity of the French Riviera/Cote d'Azur is the University Nice Sophia Antipolis. The strategic importance of the University in the Mediterranean ecosystem will become essential. Join us in the most exciting and innovative projects developed by the University Nice Sophia Antipolis.

If you plan a trip to the French Riviera, I will be very glad to meet you in person and introduce you to Pr. Albert Marouani, President of Nice University, and Pr. Tahar Saiah, Vice-President and Director of the Foundation.

Interested angel investors or VCs can contact us for more information.

Competitive Advantage

In France, we will be the first University offering to our 26,500 students a combo of "Business Incubator/Accelerator + Seed-Venture Capital Investments".

This Business Incubator will have all the support of the academic resources such as Professors in Economics, Finance, Business Administration, Management, Marketing, Law, ... and all the support from the University facilities (Office, Laboratory and Engineering equipment for prototyping, ...).

Rationale for the deal

As co-founder and co-funder, of this Business Incubator, you will invest in business projects of our students selected at the end of the incubation period. And you will have equity of their startup. We will continue to bring our Mentoring and academic resources to support startups after the exit of the incubator.

Use of financing

- To create a Seed-Venture Capital fund dedicated to invest in projects selected by the incubator
- To finance a permanent management team for the incubator (2-3 experienced former entrepreneurs)

All the rest, will be provided by the University Nice Sophia Antipolis !

Some example of combo Incubator+Seed-Venture Capital:

Y Combinator

500 Startups

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