Fibers, Insulations & Absorbers Manufacturer Needs Equity Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Germany Germany
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Investment size: $2,500,000 / min. $500,000
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

Our company is almost at break-even stage. Investor(s) now needed to help us to fulfill existing orders & expand into specific market segments in Europe.

Company background

Registered in 2007 in Aschersleben, Germany. Installation of machines and building completed in June 2009. 100% owned by an individual from Netherlands who has invested Euro 5,200,000 into the project.


We have the facilities to produce a wide variety of non-woven products in large volume, and at this moment we have 14 employees. Our products are designed to absorb oil, water, smell, heat/cold/noise or impact.

Natural fibers: Insulation, growth media, substrate pads, coffin pillows, sound damper
Filters: Cigarette smoke, absorber, smell filters
Super-absorber: water absorber, absorbing pillow, kerosene filter
PUR-insulation: Insulation
Oil absorber: mats, rolls, ready-made products

Business Development plans

We only produce based on request/demands from the market. We use the existing distribution channels of our customers to distribute our products. We therefore do not have to develop our own distribution channels.

This strategy leads to :

• Producing only by order to a ready market;
• Producing for large customers which have their own sales structure;
• Relatively lower margin but compensated by larger volume;
• Producing for niche market (based on customer specifications), thus we make our products unique.

Key customers & Current clients:

• Hemp fiber company X in Germany with 45 outlets
• Another company Y in Germany with 60 branches
• Sales outlet via DIY stores in Denmark
• Existing orders of at least 36 trucks of hemp fiber insulation mats for Denmark
• And other sales networks in Netherlands, and Germany

Why should you invest in our company?

Any one of these large orders will propel the company into cash-flow positive that it needs.
At the moment negotiations are well underway to sign the deal with these large companies, in most cases national chains. Our company is poised to be very profitable once we get over this initial hurdles of having to get orders up and running, and be in a cash-flow positive mode.

Investment terms

Investors are needed to put in their investment in exchange for equity in the company. The amount is negotiable based on the dollar amount invested and also whether the investor can contribute in terms of industry contacts and getting clients on board.

We need anything from Euro 500,000 to Euro 2,500,000. Board and management representation and amount of shares are negotiable.

Contact us on Merar if you are interested investor.

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