Paradise Projects - Holistic Consulting & Cooperation Services

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are a holistic Think Tank, Consulting & Project Management Service providing environment friendly and socially responsible concepts individually tailored on demand.

Our expertise covers the realms of IT Consulting & Service, Organic Farming and Forestry, Green Construction & Energy, Natural Food Production and Holistic Healing.

Spiritually, environmentally and socially responsible international cooperation is a key to solve the global crisis. During the last years, growth in Europe and US went to zero while the economies in most countries in Africa still recorded 6-8% rise. Therefore Africa is the regional focus for our projects.

We are however based in Germany and will keep the main office here and also continue to maintain some ventures in this country too.

Competitive Advantage

Long-term experience providing sustainable forestry and organic farming services builds the foundation of our expertise. Additionally, we have a comprehensive knowledge of holistic healing methods. Last but not least we are currently active in the IT Consulting and Service Sector in Cooperation with the leading VoIP software provider here in Germany.

Rationale for the deal

Our commitment to a clean and healthy environment was the main intention to start this venture. Awareness of and connection to the natural cosmic forces enables us to manage projects in harmony with the limitless power of the universe.

Financial success will be a welcome side-effect :) Now YOU have the chance to participate in an extraordinary growth from the very beginning.

Particularly in the areas of Marketing, PR and Design we are open for skilled individuals who are ready for active cooperation in a long-term partnership.

Use of financing

The market is ready for new, truly sustainable solutions and we are well prepared to provide them. You have the option to either invest in any of our ready made concepts, request a individually tailored offer or join as long term partner.

Opportunity for the investor

Our projects offer to investors what they always have been dreaming of: Solid and safe earnings in any desired dimension combined with the good vibration of environment friendly products.

The interest rate is related to the agreed maturity up to 6% + Full Profit sharing actually.
Moreover, they also bring a holistic profit - a plus for the environment, health and peace on our planet.
We offer packages in any desired dimension starting from a minimum investment sum of 50,000 € and a term-time of 32 months.

The highest ROI however will be achieved by financing a start-up from early stage to buy out which allows for gains up to 1000% during a period of 5 years.

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