Greek Manufacturer of Industrial Refrigeration Looking for Investment

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Greece Greece
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Stage: Expansion/Growth
  • Years in operations: 38, Employees: 30
  • Investment size: $7,000,000 / min. $4,000,000
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

The project is about a factory which was established 38 years ago, which has significant presence in the Greek and foreign market.

Customers include manufacturers of plastic, wineries, housing complex and any other consumer of heating and cooling products. The investment is required to upgrade the existing machinery in order to become more competitive in the global market.

Our company is a Hellenic business, founded in 1975. All these years the company studies, designs, develops & manufactures Air-Conditioning & Industrial Refrigeration equipment of the highest quality, in collaboration with prestigious engineering & consulting firms and its designated customers, the greatest contractors in Greece & abroad.

Thanks to the long accumulated experience, continuous research on new production methods and to the development of new advanced and competitive products, the company controls a remarkable part of Hellenic market and exports to Europe, Middle East, Africa and America.

Since June 1997 the company has been certified by BVQI for BS EN ISO 9001:94 and since December 2005 for ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Certificate & ISO 1801: 2002 Health & Safety Certificate.

Additionally, since 1996 all company's products are equipped with the CE mark for the European Conformity according to the E.U. directives.

The investment is required to upgrade and renew the machinery so to be able to be more competitive in the global market and be able to expand abroad. The investor will start receiving return on capital from the second year and will be repaid the equity within five years.

Competitive Advantage

The factory has collected a vast amount of knowledge and experience over its 38 years in operation. It has the know-how and can build chiller, air handling units and any heating and cooling products with great quality at an affordable price.

Use of financing

The funds are required to upgrade and renew the machinery used by the factory so to be able to become more competitive in the global market and to expand more abroad.

Opportunity for the investor

Both debt and equity investment opportunities are available.

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