Start-Up Small Holidays Resort in Greece Seeks Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Complex of 7 independent traditional houses on a plot of 10.500 sq.meters on the most central Aegean island, Paros. Investment opportunity to anyone intrested in getting involved with Tourism, to develop a small holidays resort.

The 7 houses, 600 sq.meters in total, located on a priviledged plot of 10.500 sq.meters away from winds with panoramic view over the Aegan sea and islands and with easy access, only 500meters away from beautifull sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The area, SANTA MARIA, is protected by the European Law for special environmental care "Natura 2000".

For its guests, the complex will be positioned as a new, beautifully landscaped, nature filled, unique atmosphere small and quiet hotel, an adult "getaway" market niche.


• New visitors travelling to the island
• Old classic funs of the island
• Young couples
• Honeymooners
• Families
• Water sport funs
• Wedding parties
• Retired people
• Business people for PR / embodying events

Prospective buyers have also the possibility to develop inside the plot:
- Restaurant
- Café – pool lounge area
- Private swimming Jacuzzis

Competitive Advantage

The area, Santa Maria is considered one of the top areas of the island, with private villas of vips and beautifull beaches. It is very quiet and only 10 minutes away of the cosmopolitan village Naousa. There is absolutely no other competitive business, like small vacation resort in Santa Maria.

Rationale for the deal

Our offer for the whole development and plot is 1. 635.000,00 euros.
This is a great opportunity investment as it is 20% lower than the cost with today's prices.

Todays Real prices for aquiring the land and cost of development:
cost of land: 70euro/sqm. 10500sqm x 70euros=735.000,00 euros
cost of development: 1500euros/sqm 600sqm x 1500euros = 900.000,00 euros
cost of surroundings (road, stone fence, parking, plants etc) = 200.000,00 euros
cost of architectural plans, licences, mechanical engineer etc = 150.000,00 euros
Total cost = 1.985.000,00 euros

The project is 100% ready and finished. The potential investor will only have to cosider the cost for furniture and electrical quipment approx 60.000 – 70.000 euros.

Paros Tourist season is from April - October which means the investor will get an annual profit of approx 120.000,00 - 150.000,00 euros

Use of financing

Com-tec development is a contructions company that develops quality houses appropriate for either professional or private/individual use. The company does not deal with other businesses apart from constructions. The complex of 7 independent traditioanl houses in Santa Maria, Paros is proposed as an excellent investment opportunity. For more information please visit

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