Sports and Recreation Centre Looking for Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The scope of the project is to raise the standard of the sport and recreation service in the region of Heves and Nógrád counties well as North-eastern part of Pest County (cca. 250000 inhabitants), Hungary. In addition to catering for the needs of the residents the complexity of the centre makes it possible to organize additional sport events, exhibitions, fairs and other events.

The facility consists of sports hall, swimming pool, sauna, solarium, hotel, buffets and restaurants. To make more people enjoy the facilities provided by the centre it is necessary to establish baby-sitting facilities and rental of sporting goods. The 61 ha site gives opportunity for leisure activities and summer camps. After we are ready with the construction we plan to build a bob-rack in addition to the other facilities which can be the most beautiful and the longest track in Hungary.

The facility provides opportunity to try many types of sport:

• Indoor football
• Handball
• Basketball
• Volleyball
• Badminton
• Ice-hockey
• Skating
• Ice dancing
• Other ice sports
• Swimming

The social and cultural aims of the Sport and Recreation Centre in Vácegres:
• Popularizing the healthy lifestyle
• Contributing to the education of the youth
• Leisure facilities for families
• Ensuring site for events in the area
• Facilitating the ice-hockey and skating education in the schools
• Popularizing and increasing the basis of the professional sport
• Creating an opportunity to keep national and international competitions
• Creating jobs in the region

Target groups of the Sport and Recreation Centre in Vácegres:

• Public for individual purpose
• Club athletes
• Athletes and fans
• Institutional users (schools)
• Institutional camps

Planned services

1. Sports and recreation services
• Indoor sports
• Ice sports
• Rental of sporting goods
• Skate sharpening
• Dressing rooms
• Sport equipment shops
• Baby-sitting
• Sport camps
• Beauty salon (cosmetics, solarium, hair-dresser)
• Swimming pool and sauna
• Sport-massage

2. Leisure and cultural services
• Wi-Fi
• Sports competition
• Concerts
• Conferences
• Balls and celebrations
• Summer camps

3. Hotel and catering
• Accommodation (22 3* hotel rooms, for max. 63 people)
• Restaurant
• 5 buffets and cafés

Opportunity for the investor

The planned value of the investment of the Sport and Recreation Centre in Vácegres is 6,5 million Euros. The planned payback period is 7 years.

This investment is for the long term but it can make a very unique recreation possibility in the region which is a missing opportunity at this time. Within the payback time there are several other investment possibilities in the site as the most of the 61 ha territory is untapped. Respectively, the value of the Centre can be increased continuously.

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