Logistics Center in Hungary Needs Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project is about a complex logistics and incubation center taking advantage of the current economic and market opportunities.

The Center contains 3 buildings: a warehouse (7800 sqm) and office building (806 sqm) and a customs place (600 sqm). The land is 18.000 sqm. It will attract small and medium businesses in the area which have not appeared on the logistics market yet. We have contacted the prospect partners and already have several memos of intention. Hence, the Center will start with 80 percent utilisation straight away.

As the office building is much bigger than required given the number of employee, it is possible to create a so-called incubation center. Its specialty will be to take businesses not older than 5 years and provide office renting and other services to them. Such companies often have business interest in the Center.

Operating a customs place is a part of the complex service. Thanks to this place the products arriving and leaving the Center can be transported not only to the European Union but also to the Eastern countries such as Russia or Ukraine which have bigger business opportunities at the moment than the Western countries.

Target groups of the Logistics Center:
• Producing enterprises which are in need of warehouse or transportation service;
• Commercial enterprises which are in need of warehouse or transportation service;
• Enterprises interested in logistics and looking for a site.

We handle the start-up capital as a maximum amount required from investors. The amount is less than typical thanks to different subsidies and special purchasing possibilities.

We have taken the inflation and an accidental market setback into consideration in the financial calculations. According to the calculation shown above the payback time of the project can be 3-4 years.

Rationale for the deal

Competition and Market Conditions:
Currently, the market expansion for Hungarian businesses in the sector is expected to go not to the West but to the East. Our center should and will focus on this factor. The logistics centers moan crisis, and due to the inadequate strategy their competitiveness has significantly decreased. By taking advantages of this situation and using a well-designed strategy we are able to provide cost-effective and high quality service and build long-time cooperation with our partners. Respectively, the center is able to gain such market share which can make it successful for long time.

Reasons for Seeking an Investor:
It is a well-built project but the owner has run out of money. A detailed business plan with financial plan are readily available and to be sent to interested investors upon request.

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