Sales-Oriented Communicational Platform for Pharmaceutical Industry

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our company develops a highly anticipated solution for the pharma industry's communicational and sales data management needs.

TechTree is an IT development company, based on the idea of a cutting edge intuitive all-in-one SAAS (Software As A Service) Enterprise Solution for:

- Direct, two-way, logged secure Communication (unlike verbal, e-mail or text communication)
- Sales Representative Management (SRM)
- Employee Data Management (EDM)
- Sales Data Management (SDM) and Sales-related Project management
- Data Integrity & Security Management (DIM, DSM)
- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
- Market Research (MR)
- Mobile Device Management (MDM)

We seek investors for developing the solution according to the project delivery plans, and implementing the Go-to-Market strategy. The project is later to be intoduced to other sectors as well.

We develop a tailor-made, unique, platform independent Mobile Device solution that provides user-friendly interface, while offering total control over the sales workflow. This results in real-time, huge cut-backs on the sales-marketing expenses.

We will start merchandising the applicatio on the local Pharma Market and then expand to other industries and regions.

Competitive Advantage

Due to its integrated approach our solution has no competitors. It is highly customizable and designed to fit each and every industry segment.

Rationale for the deal

Local pharmaceutical companies are forced to seek substitution for personal representation due to its vast costs and taxes to be paid.
We offer a one-of-a-kind solution to the Pharma Industry that will significantly reduce their costs.
We already have gentlemen's agreement with the local pharmaceutical market, due to the managing directors' expertise and business connections.

Use of financing

We are looking for investment to develop the solution according to the project delivery plans and market our product.

Opportunity for the investor

We are open to any kind of cooperation, whether paying a higher interest on the debt or offering equity in the company.
Expected breakeven point with the full investment: 2013 Q4

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