‘My Last Requests’ Downloadable App for Mobile Platforms

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

An application containing a set of pre-formed questions relating to every aspect of a users ‘life, and their wishes, aspirations and requests. Regarding the distribution of those small articles and belongings not covered by a legal will and testament.

Please view the attached document for a complete overview.

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Competitive Advantage

At present my company:-
My last request holdings limited
Has no competition in this market
The company also holds a gambling/gaming license for Ireland
The company would be suitable for development in the on-line gaming market (bingo, poker slots etc.)
We hold over 26 top-level domain names relevant to the business

Rationale for the deal

Please view the attached document for full description.

Use of financing

Further development of the application will include on-line gaming, advertising & marketing.

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