Partners & Investors Sought for a Green Economy Business

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

In order to get the opportunities offered by such a dynamic market and to develop some recently filed patent, we are looking for a partner/ investor.

We are a company located in the North of Italy, operating in the renewable energy market, in particular with solutions able to guarantee energy efficiency.

We do not know how future is going to be; we only know it will be full of changes and technology innovations, partially still unknown to us today.
The energy sector is no more sustainable with its fossil sources in terms of energy production, neither is it optimal in terms of energy efficiency. There are many significant improvements that can and have to be made, obtainable through the use of innovative solutions that are very close to us.

We are a young and dynamic company located in Turin, North West of Italy that has always followed, with the due and deserved attention, all the opportunities offered by the so-called "green economy", recently benefiting from the boom experienced by the photovoltaic industry, where it worked as:

• Strategic interlocutor for international investors, ensuring both the authorization and engineering aspects;
• “Turnkey" solutions;
• Auditing firm for the energy efficiency of entire places/systems, including industrial buildings, lighting and video surveillance systems;
• Brevetti
• Consultant for "Turin - Smart city", on specific elements of primary importance concerning the urban mobility and, consequently, the quality of air and life in the city

Competitive Advantage

Nowadays, our company is structured to operate successfully in the market, considering the skills and expertise of its staff, as well as its close-knit and extensive sales network, also boasting of many prestigious and well-established partnerships with qualified installers and companies operating in complementary areas.

Opportunity for the investor

In an effort to maintain our competitiveness, consolidate our position in the “green-economy” market and develop new business opportunities, we would like to evaluate a possible form of cooperation with a foreign investor, in order to achieve common benefits. Our business plan requires, to be fully developed, investment of not less than €500,000 with excellent profits for all the years of activity.

We are looking forward to being contacted by a truly interested partner and investor, in order to deepen the business opportunities here explained briefly.

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