European Entertainment & Sport Investment Project

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Develop a entertainment and sport series of events in Italy and the Scandinavian countries in 2012. Each event will be like a mini Super Bowl - entertainment around a fast paced version of American football. The project is looking for investor.

Working with a former NFL player who is based in Europe, we already have relationships with the venues and the entertainment providers. We have access to players, coaches and everything else required to begin this venture. The local communities are in full support of our endeavor.

Today, in Europe, festival related activities draw people from the local commuinties in large numbers. Our business proposition of combining entertainment and sport has been very well received in the local communities.

We are looking for approximately $15 million in funding, will give equity to investors and believe that the business will generate significant cash flow to either return investment monies to the investors or to seed future growth plans across Europe.

At this point in time, we have generated substantial interest from potential sponsors such as Adidas, Carlsberg as well as ESPN.

We are ready to start and are confident that we can hold two "Showcase" events in 2011 that will provide content as well as fan interest for a full rollout of a 2012 season that will run from May - August 2012.
If you are interested investor, please contact us on Merar for more information.

Competitive Advantage

There are not any "family priced" events that combine sport and entertainment in Europe. A ticket to a soccer match runs up to 100 euro's and these events are generally not family friendly. We plan to price tickets to net 25 euro's and fully believe that we can generate a fan base from both the entertainment side and sport side of the event.

The local coummunities are looking for activities like this to bolster local employement, tourism, etc.

Use of financing

The investment monies are slated to cover 100% of first year's operating costs. Again, we fully believe that significant positive cash flow will be generated from the events we plan to hold.

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